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Zomorph no help at all!

Hi I'm new here...I have a question. I've been taking oramorph for pain relief fir several months. My GP has put me on Zomorph 60mg twice daily and I find they are no help whatsoever, I'm still taking oramorph in fact I'd say the zomorph has given me more gut pain ( I have Crohn's disease) I'm wondering has anyone else had this experience with Zomorph and is there an alternative. Thanks in advance

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Hi my doc put me on zomorph too and they didn't do anything for me neither so I went back to my co codamol codiene x


I agree with you. Zomorph just makes you dosey!

Trouble with too many co codamols is that codeine can make you constipated so no more than two, four times daily (max) otherwise Senakot, here you come!


I was on Oramorph for 3 years, ok for few hours but not enough my Doc gave me same Zomorph but no good at all so now on SEVREDOL 20mg and seem to be doing the job, early days. I hope this helps and good luck.


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