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wrist pains

hi im 63 years old and still working (maintenance carpenter) recently i have been having a "stabbing electric shock"like pain in my wrist,this is a 10 out of 10 pain but luckily only lasts a few seconds but may happen 4- 5 times a day there is no other pains involved and when its gone my wrist is fine, although sometimes feeling a little weak. i have not yet seen my doc about this ,just looked online and found this site ,hoping for some enlightening advice

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I think the most enlightening advice I can offer is "go to your doctor" They are the only people who can diagnose. The Pain Concern website has lots of great information on managing pain but it is very important that the underlying issue is dealt with first.


Hi tony

Sorry to read about your wrists specially as your a carpenter!. It could be carpal tunnel syndrome and best advice is to go to your GP as there's quite a bit of help for it. Good luck .


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