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Broken wrist and fractured hand.Chronic Regional Pain,Carpul Tunnel Syndrome!


Four months after my accident,constant pain and a strict hand therapy/physio program I am now awaiting a neurophysiology test to determine if any of my nerves in my hand are actually paralysed.I am learning to cope with hand/arm disability my identity and pain management.

Good advice:Mindfullness,Meditation,Talking to people,Counselling,Music,Walking,Letting yourself feel emotion.

Anyone out there going through the same thing or got any good advice?

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Broke my wrist a few years ago. When the break healed I was left with painful hand muscles. It took me some time to stretch out the muscles in the hand/forearm that had got over contracted.

The over contraction of muscles is great common after a break. Over contracted muscles are painful. It can be a painful process to stretch out over contracted muscles using the appropriate exercises.

My chiropractor also showed me that muscles had over contracted on the tendon sheaths. This over contraction had left the hand weak. The chiropractor stretched out the muscles on the tendon sheaths and the hand strength returned.

You need the advice of a sports therapist. Local football team should be able to recommend a good practitioner.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply and experience.

I am constantly doing my hand therapy exercises,water therapy,wear splint to relieve pressure on nerves.

My other complication is my hand moved out of line causing other complications.

Where my wrist and hand were in such a traumatic state they used 3 k wires to fix bones in place which now means i cannot twist my wrist this on its own is causing lots of restrictions in my daily life chores without coping with constant well.

I hope you have fully recovered.

Not our 1st choice, but sometimes situations dictate that we figure out a way to hire or trade for others to do some necessary chores. For example, my doctor says changing and washing bedsheets is one of the worst activities. By hiring some chores, I was able to continue working longer, a good financial investment. Plus the caregiver gave me some company.

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Thanks for your comment.

I am only at the stage of folding a tea towel on a table and light weight of hand holing a tomato in position whilst i cut with good hand.

I am off work at moment,I am lucky to have a family who have shared chores.

I am worried about my job as i work with children who need alot of personal care.

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Of course, your job is a concern. If able, I hope they will allow you to return gradually. Or, sometimes due to disability, we have to make a drastic change to our profession. Sending optimistic thoughts that you will be able to pursue the path best suited to your situation.

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Thank you so much for your kind words.

21 years working with challenging children who have communication and behaviour issues and supporting their parents as been my passion.

I have no idea where my path will lead.

Pain is excruiciating at times and to be able to give at the moment is very limited.

I to hope my life changing injury puts me in a positive nuturing position to support others again.

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