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First appointment tonorrow!

Before I moved to Lancashire I was on the waiting list for spinal cord stimulation.

I don't know what to expect really because it's a multi disciplinary team, including a psychologist (I can already feel him inside my head!).......

Any tips would be great! Although my appointment is in 5 hours so I doubt anyone will see this beforehand haha!

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  • Please ask your Dr to exclude & check you for vitamin B12 deficiency as it can cause severe nerve pain from nerve damage happening.Many Drs are misdiagnosing it as there is a lack of knowledge.Treating with surgery afterwards the pain persists.

  • Where is your appointment? My meeting for spinal cord stim didn't go as I want because I didn't get the end result. They said I wasn't a suitable candidate! But they put me forward for an intrathecal drug delivery system which I had fitted in sept 2015. Just go and be yourself, be open and brutally honest. Try to keep a clear head and not get upset. Easier said than done I know xxx

  • Hi, I've not heard of spinal stimulation before so I've found this interesting.Is it an uncomfortable procedure ( will have to investigate.I have a problem with my spine( scoliosis,osteoporosis and os.arthritis) and am now wondering if this may be suitable for myself.Thankyou for your post.x

  • Preston. I'm not eligible for spinal cord stimulation now because apparently there's something not right with my pain so it needs further examination.

  • Make notes and say you have to write things down in order to remember things and don't be afraid to write things down to. Try and remain calm, don't feel intimidated and make the most of this appointment. Marylin made a good point about asking to be checked for B12, Folate and also haemoglobin levels. Be yourself and I wish you good luck.

  • I have never had Spinal Cord stimulation . But , I have severe CSpine damage C4-7 and I am diagnosed with R.A. And P.A, . I see a Pysch. Doctor , Pain Management Doctor , Whom does Nerve Ablasions . I used to get them every year . Now it's about every 6 months . I am also on pain meds . I started seeing an Immunologist about 6 years ago when they finally found out what is wrong . He gives me B12 , Depomedral injections . Including Humira and Otezla . What I have in my Spine . Would not wish on my worst enemy and the pain is Very unbearable at Times . My Brother has the same thing wrong with his spine as did my Father . I see that the surgery made them worse . I hope you find Comfort .

    Just Remember , Doctors are Human too . I write down everything . These Days , You have to be your Own " Chart/ Case Manager " . Again , I hope They Can Help You . Good Luck

  • Good luck with it!! I have a spinal problem and have a lot of pain so I will look to see what it entails.Hope all goes well x

  • Just come across your post, hopefully you will have had good news. I had my multidisciplinary team meeting in September 16. At first I thought the same as you and the thought of a psychologist there did worry me a little but he was really good. To the point he offered to see me separately as he could see how depressed I was. The panel all asked questions but all relevant questions to my case nothing trick about any of them. How did the pain affect my day to day life, working, hobbies etc, How did I feel about my surgery not working and how did I feel about my spinal fusion surgery being cancelled? After about 30-40 minutes of questioning I was asked to go back to the waiting area. 15 minutes later I was called back in, to be told they thought I was a suitable case for a trial. I was told that it would be April/May before my trial however I got in early and it was fitted last week February the 8th. The afternoon of the operation and the next day I was sore but that was it. I'm not in any pain at all now. I go back on the 15th to have my wounds checked and possibly have the wires removed, I didn't know yet. Please feel free to ask any questions you need answers to.


  • "Rub this chili cream on your CRPS leg and you might feel some relief in 2-3 months. And you'll get an appointment for physio in June/July" basically the gist of my appointment today.

    I was diagnosed with CRPS in my left knee 2 years ago. I have a slightly numb toe which is a different set of nerves, so I've got to have an mri on my back now too.

    Looks like I'll be spending yet another summer at home rather than running gates at festivals. I'm so so sick of this pain ruining my life

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