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I am 53 female and suffer a lot of pain try not too talk about it all the time when iam in company as people don't want too know a moaner.I have a lot of meds I take too help but these have side effects which is another story all together.I do try too have a full life and enjoy my holidays and love the sunshine I think it always makes you feel better maybe all in the mind but people seem nicer !!!

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  • Agree with you about sunshine. Moved to Tenerife 7 months ago and while my husband's pain doesn't decrease - he does have a lovely tan!!


  • I like too have a nice tan makes you feel better look better ...Kind Regards T

  • some people are to ill to even go a holiday.luckily your not one of them. I know a few people who cant bear to hear about other peoples pain whether its physical or mental and i think they are the most selfish people i have ever met. i dont mind people telling me about thier pain even if it hurts me to hear it. thank god for forums like this where we can have a rant if we need one and are understood by people in the same boat.

  • Hi my name is Peter I was like u once I did not talk about how much pain I'm in in the end I nearly took my own life I spent 4 weeks in a coma but now I'm starting to get better slowly and I talk about what was wrong with me and what I suffer from so please do not keep thinks bottle up in side.

    Best wishes to u and hope u get a pain free day soon

  • Peter an I ask you whats wrong with you if you don't want I understand kind regards T

  • yes i hope you get pain free days as its not easy. im sure your just trying to be positive and if its working for you then thats what matters. all the very best to you. love grace xoxoxo

  • Hi makemepainfree I don't mind u asking I suffer with crps that's complex regional pain syndrome the pain was so bad that I went to my pain specialist and told him if they did not amputate my left arm that I would do it myself they amputated above the elbow I still have the pain but not as bad as it was then in 2013 I had a car crash and I got it in my foot and ankle i could not walk on it, my doctor put me on anti depressants but they made me worse so last year I tried to take my own life I spent 4 weeks in a coma because I lost a lot off blood I had tried to amputate my foot so the doctors had to amputate, I'm now in a place it's like my own place I have cares that come in twice a day.

    Looking back now I regret what I did it is going to take time so people that are thinking about taking there own life's please go and talk to someone on how u are feeling and get the help I had son and I did not talk to him and now I have lost him because off what I did.

    Best wishes to u and hope u have a pain free day

  • I feel nothing like a moan now you have been through the mill and back I am so glad you are making a life for your self as I know no matter what happens in my life Delete repeated word goes on thank you for being so open and honest with me I am no where in the amount of pain you are in the tabs iam on are pregabalin diazapan iodine thyroxine morphine citalopram Add to dictionary some repeated through the day I also have problem with gullet bowel and bladder I self catheterize not that really needed to know all that lol but as on here like minded people I feel it easy to say these things your run of mill person not interested I have a really good friend life long who knows all my problems and I know hers thank you for contact.....T

  • Thank u for asking about me it's good to know that u have a best friend that u can talk to, I lost a friend and that was my son as I said I could not talk to him about the way I was feeling at that time. I will be 56 this year and I hope that my son can for give me for the things I did not do and the things that I should have done

    Thank u for your contact and hope u have a pain free day best wishes Peter

  • Peter I have my friend here today and we are chatting about our pains iam 53 where do live?

  • Hi it's good to know that u and your friend can talk about u pain I wish some time I had a good friend but it's just me,

    Best wishes to u and your friend

  • You can chat too me anytime Peter and I really mean that don't feel isolated ,,,T

  • Thank u so very much that really kind off u

  • Hi everyone

    Your right talking to my few friends and family now all my conversation seems to be about my pain the type of meds an effects I get my recent op and I feel it's not about anything but that it's as if I am now not this person who had a life an interesting things to say after doing things are going places now I don't do any of this my life is pain and how I get through a day with it my family are bored with it they even now don't ask how my days been are how I am doing on a regular basis. Pain takes so much away from a person but I won't let it take over completely I fight a little each day as all you can have is hope. And I do hope one day I am pain free. Sorry about my vent it just feels good to let it out x

  • Hi heather-bee3 I know how u feel it was like that for now I talk all the time so if u had a bad day with u pain just come on this site and have a good rant there people who will listen and understand what u are going through

    Best wishes to u

  • I understand how you feel ....kind regards T

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