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Chest Pain - Oesophageal Spasms?

Ive suffered with these 'attacks' since I was 26, I'm 60 this May 2017.. was first diagnosed with angina and was on betablockers and nitrolingul spray for 2 yrs.

Then was told that it wasnt my heart, but was due to having hiatus hernia, and was Oesophageal Spasms.

The hosp said there was nothing to prescribe to help it.

A nurse had heard of it and said that gulping water down helps to release the muscle spasms, which she said was a cramp type thing. I have done this ever since she told me.. it does help. Some times i have lots of little spasms then a big one, then nothing for a while.

The pain comes on suddenly like a crushing stabbing pain usually in right of chest or centre, into my armpit sometimes, if its a bad one my tongue goes stiff and the pain goes down my left arm. I go dizzy and light-headed. And have passed out sometimes. If its a bad jntense one i cant speak properly for a day or two, and i feel so sleepy i have to lie down and sleep. I feel whacked out for a few days. To me it feels like cramp that you would get in your leg. I try to explain this to people but not many understand how excruciating and frightening it is. Over this last 2 wks i have had 32 small spasms and 2 big ones..

Any help would be great.

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I can't give you any help , but I have had the same trouble as you with some others . I had a shock yesterday , I woke up just after 0700 with a horrible stabbing pain in my chest . There wasn't too much worry at first because I was still half asleep . Then I did what you said , I gulped a couple of times . That didn't work so I used my GTN spray which kicked in after a couple of minutes and then the pain subsided . It must have been angina . I still managed to get to the doctors. I had an MOT and passed so went home and am waiting for the next attack. Take care .

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Hello daveeb

I have just spoken to my doctor and he still thinks its caused by my hiatus hernia.. but i really dont think it is.. so i have appointment on fri with him and an ecg. Then he is booking hosp app for me to get checked out.

I was 26 the first one i had... And i just seem to be fobbed off with ' oh its your Oesophageal refux.. take an extra omaprezole!!'

I need this sorting out. I have a pain now and its radiating to my right front shoulder. Im am almost 60 now and this has gone on too long.

I had 32 mini attacks and 2 severe ones in 2 weeks!!

Thanks for replying.

Ill let you know how i get on.


I had last year a very painful time with the pain going down my left side and into my left side at the back, I was told by first response, maybe Angina but still taken into hospital for tests ECG, Blood tests, came home next day with bad bruises all over my lower back. Still do-not no why the bruises were there?.I also have a hiatus hernia and the doctor I had at the time said that it had played me up!..


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