Psoriatic Arthritis - skin flare up

Hi all

I have psoriatic arthritis and currently experiencing a bad flare up of psoriasis on the palms of my hands, the worst I have had for years. I have a dermatology appointment in a couple of weeks, albeit for a different condition, so have held off going to my GP. Just wondering if any fellow sufferers have any advice on how to treat this in the meantime. All suggestions gratefully received - thanks!

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  • Have you tried aveeno cream its worked wonders on my mams psoriasis infact its the only ointment that has truly gotten rid of her open sores that were all over both hands. You can purchase it in most chemists and some supermarkets now.

  • That sounds really useful harryetta349 - my skin is very badly broken and painful just now - will look for it in Boots tomorrow.

  • Hi Harryetta349 - got some Aveeno Active Naturals Skin Relief Restoring Hand Cream in Superdrug similar to this:

    Not sure if this is the right stuff so had a look at their website and found that there's a whole range of different products. Can you tell me if I've got the right stuff, or if not, the name of what I should be looking for? Many thanks!

  • do you know about laser therapy? my daughter had extreme psoriasis on the palms of her hands and her legs. she used soft light laser to heal this condition. its quite amazing how it works. just google soft light laser. they sell them on eBay. great for the face too. they are really for sun damage but work amazingly well on your condition. love grace xoxo

  • That sounds really interesting grace111, especially seeing as I am a bit of a gadget geek! Will definitely check this out! 😀

  • I also know that uv light can be good for skin conditions. Even to the extent that sunbeds used to be used to treat skin conditions.

  • hi. i have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis too, the spondylitis kind. are you on any methotrexate or biologic? i had psoriasis on the palms of my hands for ten years with no treatment before i was diagnosed and yes it's painful. i would consider talking to your doctor about drug treatment as soon as you can. in the meantime, a good moisturizer like eucerin and some gloves can help a bit but not much helped me whatsoever. it wasnt' until i started enbrel that i got relief. keep me posted.

  • Hello - I'm not currently on any medication and was due to see the rheumatologist on 3 March, but that has just been cancelled with no alternative appointment given yet!

    I'm persevering with moisturizers and gloves, but I think i really need a steroid ointment. Fortunately I have a dermatology appointment on Tuesday for another condition, but hopefully she will prescribe something for this.

  • I would consider seeing any general Doctor even an urgent care doctor and ask if you could have a steroid shot of pack because that could possibly stop the flare until you can see the specialist

  • Thanks lotsoissues - I'm seeing the dermatologist in 2 days so I'm ok to wait until then. 😀

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