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So much pain! Please help!


Hi all. Past seven weeks I have been suffering with excruciating pain in my buttock/leg. Have been to GP around 4 times and they have deduced possible sciatica. I have been on naproxen 500mg 3x a day and 8 co-codamol a day. Went to try something different as I felt that wasn't working properly, prescribed tramadol and paracetamol and amitryptyline for evening. Found tramadol did not work as well so now back on co-codamol.

My pain is unbearable, I cry everyday with it. I can barely stand straight some days. I feel like it's getting worse not better and I just feel like it's never going to end. I have a 3month old and a 21month old that I can't look after properly, I feel like such a bad mother and have days where the pain is that bad I just want to curl in a ball somewhere dark.

Anyone else suffering and has any suggestions?


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Hi there svcauldwell2016

Lots of people here may have suggestions, mine are based entirely on my own experience of sciatica of just over two years now.

I was told by my GP that sciatica is always a symptom and never a primary diagnosis in itself, and as it didn't settle down after six weeks I was sent for an MRI. As surgery was eventually not recommended I went to a pain clinic and was recommended Pregablin and Duloxetine instead of Amitriptyline (much more effective in my experience). I've stuck with co-codamol for breakthrough.

But, you're only seven weeks in, I couldn't do anything at that stage let alone look after children, you're not being a bad mum and it's easy for me to say this but the more upset you get the more tense you'll be and the worse the pain. You don't say if anything triggered your pain like an injury, or could it be related to recently becoming a mum again, and I hope your GP is investigating further. Things like posture and relaxation can be incredibly import, gentle exercise, heat and cold packs etc but I'd have thought you need to know what you're dealing with.

Take heart, it's the uncertainty which is so difficult at this stage but there are ways forward. I really do feel for you and wishe you all the very best. Let us know how you get on?


My GP prescribed diazapam to relax the muscles and stop spasms but perhaps if you have very small children it's not so suitable. You could ask as the tension from waiting for the next bad spasm can worsen the pain.

Sciatica does pass but when it does please try To get advice about lifting, moving, standing etc so that you are less likey to suffer it again . There will be a reason it is occurring.

Sorry I can't be more help. I really feel for you.

I hope others will give more practical short term advice.


Having suffered agonies for years, including when my own children were small (they now have children of their own) you have my sympathy. Currently, in addition to many other sources of pain, I also have severe buttock pain. Although not a cure or solution I suggest you try massaging Ibuprofen gel into the affected areas - as well as applying hot and cold pa is as suggested by others. I find it gives some relief.

I hope and pray that you manage to get the help you need quickly. In the meantime is there anyone who can take care of your children occasionally? And, trust me, you are NOT a bad mother!

Sorry wish I had as in same problem at moment getting depressed as can't see a ending to it but a lot of people say urge same who have this horrible thing

Will be thinking of you and if I find a miracle cure I will let you know and I hope some one will come up with one soon try to keep smiling and take care

I was in a similar position to you just under two years ago with sciatica. They put me on naproxen first, which did nothing. Then eventually I was given Tramadol, and I found that taking the full dose, ie 100mg 4 times a day, plus the full dose of paracetamol with it, was the only thing that helped, though I was still in considerable pain. Nothing gets rid of the pain.. Have you been offered physiotherapy? I had that, but it didn't help and so was sent for an MRI. Was then diagnosed as having spinal stenosis and a prolapsed disc, so had to have surgery, which I had a year ago September. Things have vastly improved, but I still struggle as I have arthritis in my spine. I now take Tramadol, Naproxen and Pregabalin, and dread to think what I'd be like without them.

Find out about physio as they might want well want to try this before giving you an MRI. If physio doesn't work then insist on an MRI.

Someone's suggested rubbing ibuprofen gel into the affected area. Be careful to check whether you can have this with your other medications, so check with your GP first. Personally I haven't found it helps.

Sciatica does not just disappear on its own! For some people physio can be the answer to the problem but most people I know of keep having repeated episodes, or it just doesn't go away but does become less painful. As I said, I had to have surgery but even with surgery they don't promise that they will get rid of it 100%, only up to 80%.

Your position of having to look after small children is even harder of course, as it will be your spine causing the sciatica, and your spine will be under immense pressure looking after small children. Do you have someone who can take some of the pressure off?

Don't stay in that level of pain any longer than you have to. As I said, find out about physio and if the meds don't help then keep going back until they find something that does.

Good luck!

I had a similar problem caused by a nerve trapped by a bulging disc in my back. It caused excruciating pain in my thigh. No drugs touched the pan. The things that I found helped were hot baths and a TENS machine (not used at the same time, obviously). The pain lasted about 6 weeks for me, but I still haven't recovered fully two years later.

You do need to be sure what is causing the pain; sciatica is usually a trapped, compressed sciatic nerve, where it branches off the spinal cord and emerges past the disc. There are various remedies, including surgery to shave a bit off the disc

I understand how pain can dominate your life and intrude on every thought.

All I can say is to keep exploring options that are non medical, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, biofeedback, yoga, and the list goes on. With chronic pain, we have to be our own advocates and think outside the box. I've done it all and sometimes something works for a while. That keeps me going and searching.

Wishing you the best, and do not lose heart.

After suffering with varying degrees of pain for many years i was astounded to fond out i had a chronic disease as they say anything over six weeks is chronic. No consolation i know but what i can tell you after 18 months with the pain clinic and having tried all the sweeties on offer i have settled on pregabalin and a sustained daily dose of DHC twice a day never pain free but pain less i was at one stage also when needed co-codamol and also i mixed and matched with co-dydramol too whatever made me feel easier .................... i also started to go to the local swimming pool and would spend time floating around the warmer kids pool which gave me further relief, gentle exercise also helps and builds resistance ................ i am now back to my daily regime but i have reigned back the codeine squad and have this in my arsenal should i need it..................its hard never easy never two days the same and we are all on our own journey just to say it does and can get easier i have buggered discs, sciatic issues and severe arthritis not to mention a renal issue so pain six ways from sunday has been mylife for a long time, you will find your own way of coping / dealing with it ....................good luck to you


Not to worry you but I was in the same boat and occasionally still am despite 2 Cortisone injections, 2 Discectomies and June 2016 I had Fusion! Please keep going and never feel alobe because thats what this site is for, to empathise not sympathise! Take care and I hope your pain levels one day sort themselves out!


This may or may not be relavent or helpful but I used to suffer sever pain in buttocks and down leg as well as lower back. Pain killers and anti imflammatories never did more than take the edge off the pain. However, it wasn't until a few years later when pain became

Unbearable and significantly affecting my mobility that, after numerous blood test, x ray and MRI, I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis - it had not been sciatica at all? Has this been considered in relation to your pain and symptoms?

It's tough enough dealing with continuous pain without also having 2 very small children to care for. I had an episode of severe pain when my children were a little older than yours. I was bathing them and as I was bending over them my back 'went' and I had to crawl to the phone and ask a neighbour to come and get them out of the bath. I can't remember how long that episode lasted but I have had endless cycles of pain and have now experienced pain almost continuously for the past 20 years or more. I think you should ask for a referral to a consultant as a GP is rarely the best person to deal with complex pain.

You are NOT a bad mother. But please ask friends and family for help. You need all the help and support you can get.

Feel so sorry for you I had my first surgery at 36 had 3 young kids it worked for a bit but it came back and it was 10 times worse had other op left me with drop foot now it is in my other side try stay awaybfron surgery good luck god bless

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