Just giving a supportive shout out that hopefully the holidays will fly by and be over before we know it. Since pain cant take a holiday and it follows us wherever we go we at least wr have this community forum that understands. Those not in pain simply don't understand.

May we have the patience to persevere that is my wish for those out there.

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  • Pinky2233,

    How true. I think the worst part is not being able to physically or even mentally participate. If some are able to tolerate an hour or two we end up weeping in sorrow not for ourselves but the fact that some unfortunately look at us as a selfish scrooge, or downer. It is so unkind. If only others knew how we long to participate but it's just an overwhelming impossibility that comes with contstant intractable pain. I personally take solice on the true meaning of Christmas.. If not in this life we will be spared any physical pain in our next life. He sees and feels our anguish and hears our quiet personal prayers and I believe in the power of the glory that we will receive if we have faith. Not just at Christmas but in our daily mindset. I'm trying not to sound all sanctimonious because that's the very thing the Lord does not like. I go to my private bedroom and chatter away with whom I believe can hear me and knows without doubt that there is no falsehood in my daily pain and suffering. He will taketh it away when we join him, and others before us, in the glory of the sweetest heavens above. Persevere we must, holding on to faith will be our final saviour. I pray that we all get through this season and through the Grace of God letting us manage only one painful hour or day at a tine. .

    X♡ to all.

  • How beautiful Pinky2233. I am a fellow believer and I love your words and how you expressed your faith. All the things you say I believe too. It is the "Grace of God" like you said and our faith that keeps us going, one hour, one day, one minute at a time. Prayer and deep breaths. God is good and knows our suffering. When we get to Heaven we will have new bodies with no pain. I am turning 65 next month and I work a full time job. I am blessed to be able to work at home a few days a week, sometimes less, it is a good job and I have a great boss. It is a lot of work though and seems to be taking it's toll on me more and more. What do I do? I do not know. I am waiting on God and I am letting Him guide me, even though when I get stressed from everything, especially the pain and work, I yell, I get angry, agitated, all of it. Then right afterwards I tell God I am sorry, I don't know why I keep doing this. I trust Him but sometimes life gets the best of me and there I go being the sinful human being that I am. This is one of the hardest Christmas' that we, as a family are going to have. there is a lot going on in my family and has been for a while now. I pray for God's peace for my family and myself and hope in Him that He will be God and show us all what to do and how much he loves us.

    Thank you for sharing and have a blessed and Happy Nativity, as I learned last night at a Hanukah Christmas gathering at a friends house. It was so beautiful and peaceful and we were surrounded by love. I am so glad I could make it.

  • Yes bettyfli, big breaths along with God's Grace as I previously stated and believe God only wants us to take it one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. God knows all to well what Chronic Pain we on this Forum suffer, for he suffered first for us. We can follow his will, we can have eternal life in what ever form we believe in.

    I think our Lord has a sense of humor and I shall perhaps come back as a Dove, permissable in the Lords eyes to "poop" on anyone who "pooped" on me in this life! The only requirement would be a bit of water (-if there's any left😁!) and a wash cloth!

    Beautiful to know you were surrounding by Peace and Love and your body carried you through with the power of positivity. When we are in the throws of Pain that people around us just "don't get",....they too, through Gods Grace, will one day (I'm not counting on today or even in the near future) will understand and then and only then will they too break down with remorse or bitterness which comes full circle once again, with Gods Grace be forgiven, for it may have to be humility first that will give them true understanding of Pain that...... is/was always real.

    All the best to you in the coming of a new year. I wanted things to slow down a bit as I find life is just to shirt. And then whilst in such cruel pain I will quietly think, this life is not quick enough!!! So I better go have a quiet chat with my Lord and get my head in the right "space" !😁


  • Yes, I have been awake in pain since 2.30a.m.....Again. I haven't slept beyond 3.30 a.m for the last 2 weeks as chronic migraine in a bad phase. It means that I am too exhausted to do anything enjoyable/meaningful during the day as I am too tired. ..... I endure the days for the pain cycle to start again each night. I am struggling this morning :( Family staying over, becomes a fear .....Fear that I will not be able to keep on going.,... Fear that I will let them down....Be boring.......Instead of the joy it should be, having us all together. I am sorry for moaning, I just feel lost!

  • I do feel for you. Sleeplessness and pain are not good bedfellows! Are you allowed to take a sleeping med? My GP was happy for me to take one occasionally when I was in that cycle a few months ago! . Have you tried taking high dose Magnesium at bedtime? 600mg is considered high dose and it may help the migraine too. I feel I am coming out the end of my 9 month battle with chronic migraine, with good days appearing more frequently. I hope you get there too.

  • Thanks for your reply..... It helps to feel understood. I have been taking magnesium for months now on a daily basis.... And will continue even though I am not sure it is doing anything. I don't have a g.p I feel I can turn to... Unfortunately! I have been dealing with chronic migraine for 6 years now.... The last 4 have been horrendous.... I feel so beaten up :(. I am glad to hear that you are having success in your management of your migraine. I wish you well!

  • Thank u

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