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Hello hospital, my new home for the next few weeks

Well where do I start;

I’m 28 a mother to a beautiful 5 year old boy. I have hyper mobility of my hip which has left me bedbound and has you can imagine it’s caused a bit of ripple affect.

Every time I get an illness or sick bug I loose dramatic amounts of weight which is a lot in the last year.

This last batch of infection has made me lose so much weight and pain I am now residing in hospital for at least 2/3 weeks min.

I had a central line out in today that was crazy scary which I’m having TPN IN and tomorrow starts the day of different cameras going to into different places

anyone got any tips for long hospital stays like this??

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Ask about doing exercise. Stay in bed and you will lose muscle. Move about and you can preserve some muscle strength.

You are in the hands of the nurses and doctors.


I cannot move I’m bedbound at home anyway due to excruciating pain in my hip. But thank you


Are you able to contact a sports therapist for advice. Part of the problem is that you are not moving. When you do not move things in the body which should slide become stuck. Muscles become over contracted and tighten on nerves. This causes more pain than need be.

What exercises and how to them I cannot advise. This can only be done by someone who see what is taking place when you do things.


Thank you for your advice but it doesn’t apply to me.

I’m being very well taken care of. I just wanted some advice about having to deal with staying in hospital so long


Has a hip replacement been considered? If you can get mobile it may help your problems.


No I can’t have a hip replacement it won’t help my problem. I’ve had this for years it’s something that will never change.

I just need some advice for dealing with long stays in hospital


I was a future flyer at all my local hospitals n also a guinea pig over 20 years.Best hospital stay advice..bring stuff that makes u happy even if others don't see it that way.hospital stays make me anxious n want to pull ivs out, and run out of there.I take easy crossword books,so not to over tax my noggin.I have a toy (yes I'm an adult) tiny monkey that talks n interactive movements that makes me smile n others ,and always my favorite throw blanket ,I have an ancient portable CD player I use to zone out with and pass time. Hope this helps.here if ya need to chat..hospital stays suck I totally get it.

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Thank you. I’ve got my iPad and tv and blanket. I’m going to get my mum to bring my pillows and other things from home as I’m in a side room so I can make it a little more homely in here. And when my son Visits because it’s not a nice ward I don’t want him to feel like he’s in a hospital lol


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