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MRI showed Compression on spine


My grandad has just received his MRI results and they have found a compression on his spine which explains the agony he's been in

He's on painkillers and steroids and is staying in hospital. The consultants are seeing him tomorrow.

I am obviously really worried and upset. I am assuming it must be a Tumour. 'Most stuff I've read has said spinal cancer is normally mets from cancer of lung breast or prostrate. My grandad had chest x rays and ct scan clear

and I would have thought they'd pick up a primery cancer elsewhere. Therefore I'm assuming if it's a spinal cancer it is a primary source. As he's 84 I don't know if he's viable for surgery and what that actually means in terms of prognosis.

Any advice or experience in this would be really appreciated

Feel helpless right now


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Compression on the spine is usually from a prolapsed disc; of course I can't be 100% correct but this is generally the case. Whilst a prolapsed disc isn't great it's still much better than a tumour.

Until you know formally what's going on, do try and stop imagining all the things it could be....

Best of luck xx

As noted in another post, there are various causes of spinal pressure, most benign. Hoping you get the info you need as soon as possible so your granddad can get relief.

Same as other previous posts, compression isn't necessarily cancer. It could be stenosis or bulging discs. If he has had clear chest xray then I can't see it being lung cancer. Please don't worry more than needed until you find out the true cause. Wishing your grandad all the best x

Oh no might be worth waiting to see what it is first , may involve a opp hope all goes well

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