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Any ideas?

My grandad has been in severe pain for weeks -mainly in shoulder and knee. It's getting increasingly worse and he's finding it hard to sleep. He's on very strong painkillers.

He's had blood tests and a chest x ray which were clear but the Mri was inconclusive so he's just had a CT scan.

I'm really worried about him. Any ideas/experience of similar?

Could it be bone cancer?

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Hi sorry to hear your grandad is in pain. It sounds like all of the correct tests have been carried out which is a good thing.

I'm also on very strong painkillers but suffer severe pain in the knees & back, I can't remember the last time I had a proper nights sleep. I have osteo arthritis and although I'm younger it is very common in elderly folk, particularly if they worked in a manual labour job. I know my dad has the same thing he was a welder at the ship yards so it took its toll on the knees and shoulder.

Obviously everyone is different and you can't diagnose unless your a doctor, however I can totally understand your concern. Hopefully the results will give your grandad the answers and he can receive a more suitable treatment so he can sleep.

Take care


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Thank you for your reply - i really appreciate it. He was a cabinet maker for years and played lots of sports resulting in injuries. He's also had a knee and hip replacement. Hopefully the tests will come back ok.

Hope you keep well



hi again;

I had a knee cap (patella) realignment when i was only 7 years old so that's my arthritis cause, every injury I've had seems to have left me with it. My hubby is a cabinetmaker so I know how much physical effort is required in using the tools alone, never mind the kneeling down and carrying the wood etc. He has COPD and white finger due to the profession and the lack of health and safety back then i.e.; dust masks.

Let me know how things go, your grandad is lucky to have such a caring granddaughter

Take care



You've been through a lot. My grandad never

Stops - he has been doing DIY until very recently and he's 84. He never changes to me so it's really hard that he's struggling now.

COPD is a tough illness - my nan had it for a long time before telling anyone.

Will keep you posted.

Love him to bits.

You take care x

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