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Mri results

Hi all,

I just wanted to update those who gave advice and support to me previously. I finally got my mri results and apparently I have a badly bulging disk pressing on nerve at s1? I have been referred to see a neurosurgeon and both physio and Dr seem to think surgery is a likely outcome. I am in UK and haven't seen the report or have any other info on my condition, I only got the results given in a brief phone call. If anyone can let me know what I can expect at the app with the neurosurgeon, it would be appreciated. I have no idea on timescales, just hope it doesn't take too long as still spend most of my life in bed and pain lvls still bad, hitting a 10 daily. Physio has discharged me for now as nothing he can do. So for now I just have to wait. I hope you are all having thee best day possible, thanks in advance xx

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The Neurosurgeon will look at the MRI and decide whether to do an epidural or operate basically. The appointment will hopefully involve you talking about your day to day issues and what you expect from any treatment offered; depending on the character of the surgeon, it may be a very quick consultation or it may be a 'lovely' meet & greet session.

It really shouldn't be anything to be worrying about, remember it's only a decision making time. If you agree with whatever you're offered, you'll be invited for a pre-op appointment and put on the waiting list.

Good luck...



I had similar surgery some years ago, very successful and quick recovery. Wish I had the same luck with other problems :)


Charm! I am glad you have answers and hopefully a path to a result.

Keep up with us through this journey. Check out the injured athlete toolbox. It for the every day person, not specifically athletes; but it is about dealing with, coping and growing through injury/chronic illness or pain.

Wishing you healing!



I had a dbl discoptomy 15 yr ago ..until ago fall in 2014 I lived life ok , read my initial story, I have now 2 more discs out , but my spine surgeon will not operate due to scar tissue.

Depends how bad they c u as- as to how long u wait & how long ur hospitial waiting time is..they may offer ur agoslternative therapy, I've had 5 root nerve blocks, but my pain is controlled by nerve pain meds now.x


I'm 7weeks post op having l5s1 spinal fusion I was pain free apart from my insisions till week 5 and oh my god the pain is horrible currently having physio and they said it's muscles spasms today walked about a mile as this is supposed to be the best way to get the fusion to start graphing on my lord im now in agony and couldn't wait to get home for my morphine I'm in bed writing this with a hot water bottle on the base of my spine for relief I have really good days as well as really bad days but it's still early days my op was done under Mr Furtardo at the Queen Elizabeth Birmingham he's such a great dr who puts you at ease I would tell anyone to check him out I wouldn't hesitate to go back to him if I ever needed further treatment all I can tell you don expect a miracle cure straight awake but do as you are told good luck please keep me posted on your treatment xx


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