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Had a phone call from the pain clinic this morning and the doctor wants to do the facet joint injections again. The MRI showed a facet joint cyst ??? As well as the Ostio Arthritis. Never heard of a Facet joint cyst. But have just done some reading on this and the pain symptoms match my almost exactly. A lot of symptoms now make sense such the pain down my legs pins and needles in feet, walking is at times unbearable etc. Has anyone else been told they have a facet joint cyst ?? The person I talked to today said that the next step would be a Rhizotomy ( bad spelling ?? ) I have made an apt with my gp for tomorrow to get a copy of my MRI. The Facet injection is at the end of August not sure why so long away. I also wonder if this will help with the arthritis pain or am I still going to be on pain meds for that . I am always afraid someone is going to think I am just looking for attention or am lying about my pain.

Thanks in advance for any advise about this.


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  • Hi Janice!

    Yes, this is actually very common. Hope that makes you feel more comfortable. I am sorry to hear you are even having to experience this and are in pain. My mom has battled this for years, so I have learned a lot about them. The jections can be of some great relief. And from my understanding can help some with arthritis. However keep strengthening your back muscle with doctor approved exercise to also help with that. Removal of the cyst is also common.

    I really hope you find relief soon. And glad you asked. It all sounds confusing.

    :) ash

  • Thankyou ash I am sorry that your mom is suffering with this. I think we could all get togeather and write a book about all of our experiences. Have a wonderful day.


  • That is a great idea! Hope you have a good day as well :)


  • Grizzly7168 This is the injection I think I need... I think I had something similar about 10 years ago and it hurt soooo bad if you have had this injection before can you tell me how was the pain etc.

  • Hi there, A few months ago I had facet injections because they thought they were only dealing with the osteoarthritis I have in my lumbar spine. So now after the MRI they discovered 2 cysts. The first time I had the injection it was sooooo painful during and after for about 6 hrs. But the next day was good. I don't know where they are injecting this next time but I will definatley let you know how it was.

    Take care , Janice

  • Dang Janice, was the cyst from the old injection? Are they saying the cyst were discovered after the MRI now I thought they had to do an MRI before attempting the injection, still learning here...the way I see it Janet the big sciatica nerve comes down from the spinal cord branching off left and right and to get to the facet joint it's more difficult but to put the steroid right at the base I'm hoping the Epidural injection is not as painful... I swear I remember that injection 9 years later, they did it then I think mainly for diagnostic but to tell you the truth the only other alternative for severe foraminal stenosis is open back surgery so I pray the injection will work for me even if I have to get the injection every say 6 months or so but I also feel that nerve is inflamed now which is why I am having so much pain Janet it's horrible but it goes go completely away when I;m sitting or lying down and the sciatica is horrible, both feet are numb and my left side is numb as well

  • Hi Nurse 1946 Yes they discovered the cysts when I had an MRI. I think all of these injections are painful one of the epidurals I had was extremely bad. They said that only a handful of people has had that reaction, lucky me LOL. We will see how everything go on August 31st. I am hoping that it will work and we wont have to even think about a Ryzotomy ( yup terrible spelling ) I am sure things will go great. Take care


  • Hi Janice, I saw a picture of the facet joint on each side of the spine and it seems like it would be difficult to get to.... I'm wondering why they can't just give the injection higher up where the nerve branches off which would cover the right and the left facets? I tell you Janice it's really nice to have someone to talk and discuss the problem with

  • Hi Grizzly, just catching up on posts and having read your post and all of your comments I could have written them all. Just replied to your question about Gabapentin too.

    I have had lots of different injections in my lumbar back, facet joint injections and drainage, epidurals, medial branch nerve blocks to name a few, 2 major back surgeries, rhyzotomies, radio frequency denervations and the like. There have been brilliant outcomes and not so good ones.

    I know how I longed to find info from people like me when I was in need of answers and I am happy to share my experiences and issues. If you would like more detail please let me know and I will post on here or send privately to you (and anyone else interested). I hope that is ok. xx

  • Oh yes please I would love to hear any information that you may have for me. Sometimes it is just so hard to find someone who is willing to share their experiences with you. Because I may not be the only one looking for information I think if you reply on here it might help others.

    :-) Janice

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