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Increasing ferratin

Hi all.

Hope your all keeping OK, and the cold weather isn't causing you more pain. As this time of year causes me 10x more pain. Well I Said id keep you all updated on my ferratin levels. Well been an seen the haematology dept after referral from my gp. My levels have increased everytime, the dr we saw took all my medical history which took her forever to write. lol. 😃. She said ive got an iron overload so we need to find out if it's genetic or not if so my son is going to have be tested. But these tests are going to range 6-8 weeks to be completed. An hopefully once the tests come back they can decide on a plan of action. So I'm not that much further forward. She carried out a few physical tests on my body an said all is OK there. My husband just asked her straight out is it anything to worry about like "cancer", her reply was no. Got to have an ultrasound next week. All I Can think is if it was anything to worry about surely I'd be seen sooner than January . Thanks Debbs. Xx 😃

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