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Where is the Justice?

This might sound like a rant, but I don't want it to come over like that!!!!!

A good neighbour of mine, hurt her lower lumber discs a few months back, she had problems walking at the time, I took her a few weeks to get the body moving and adjusting to the pain.

She was telling me she seen a Neurosurgeon in May, he is going to operate, as she has nerve intrusion on disc L4/5....

She said is that not what you have I said yes, but mine is affecting L4/5, L5/S1 with disc pertrusion too T7/8/9, and nerve damage between C2/3/4/5/6....

She can walk unaided, with a slight limp...

But here is the difference between her and me.....She is a size 10/12, weight spot on, am overweight by 2 stone, but don't look obeise.

I struggle to walk without the aide of sticks, or mobile scooter. Am loosing the weight, in 2010 I was 21st am now 16st, still carrying a bit weight....

My neighbour said herself it's shocking how they are not doing nout for me. I said well that's this society for you. Then you get branded lazy and idle by those who don't know your circumstances.

Ok rant


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Hi Joe, if it wasnt so tragic it would be funny wouldnt it. I think you're probably right,in that weight can play a part,but also it may be hers is caused by something different to you,it may just be she got a better neuro. I havent even seen a neuro just ortho,and as much as I do nt particulaly want an op,I dont want to continue living with this pain and immobility.

Best wishes to you and ..very well done on such a big weight loss ,you've done amazing :))


Thanks, but all that weight loss, I feel now was for nothing, as they said in 2010, loose a pound or two, we will reassess you, went back in Nov 12, told be told no again, ln which I was about 17st, am now 16st and still loosing it slowly...

Everything in society now is put down too obeisity...they don't look at a individuals circumstances to understand that person....

As I said on a previous post, the neurosurgeon involved, said back in 2010, that he would do it private for £2,500.... but not on NHS as they wouldn't fund it.... there you go that's todays society....



Hello Joe

We all have horror stories, I have problems with weight, have lost it, gained it and lost again, we become trapped in a society that can look at looks,that are more important.

I do all the weight courses, although the problem with me is the condition I have,exhaustion rules,and the medications we take complement the weight we are, and this sometimes is not taken into account, my mental health is a bit of a problem so I do not want to go out and mix with society. For example today I had to go into town,and I could not get back soon enough, so will spend the rest of the afternoon recovering from this morning

It is a problem we have to varying degrees.

Personally I am at a loss what to do, .

All the best



Thanks for the messages guys...

Its just that you feel so let down...



Dear Joe, I knoe all about weight issues but hear this and be thankful, She may well be having an opperation but that could and most probably will cause her more problems in the long run. Neurosurgeons and orthapeadic surgeons cause more problems because neither one of these so called professionals really know what they are doing. Look up I think you will find it an intertesting read you think your in pain now Trust me it can get worse and does so for thousands of people per year just in this country and there is no cure and no hope give it a read and maybe share with your neighbour as no-one deseveres being used as guinpigs etc

Most back surgery results in severe chronic pain for the rest of your life so go on-line read the sarah smith report and others and maybe think yourself lucky If I could go back I would have never let anyone near my spine no matter what !!!!!!


With you on that, my gp said no ops until I can't walk anymore and doubly incontinent, then they may be able to improve something, but if its the same or worse after, it doesn't really matter, I won't have lost any ability.


Hello Joe

Operations on the spine can be a blessing or curse,sometimes,the risk does not really add up.


One problem is our weight,,sometimes they feel that the benefits on a person with weight issues as the heavier person will not get the full benefit, because the weight puts stress on the skeleton so quality of live does does not give value for money.

This is another subject that leaves,many patients out in the cold, ANOTHER STORY



I struggle with my weight, have lost 10lb since March with many more to go. I don't notice any difference in any direction, other than my jeans are always falling down now.

Weight can be accountable to so many hidden reasons that it is very difficult to decide whats causing it. The reason hospitals use it as a guide for getting ops or not, is how the anaesthetic works. Its worked out by volume relative to your weight. If you weigh more than the norm, your dose will be so high it could kill you. Also larger people have a harder time recovering from the anaesthetic generally. So although it may seem unfair, they are protecting you.

As for spinal ops, I've yet to meet someone who is cured of pain and who doesn't need a stick or crutches to walk with. And if your bobes are fused, that brings a whole load of problems with mobility and activity. So far, I've met 23.

Border reiver, the skeleton in taller and larger people is stronger. Its the joints that get damaged by being overweight.

I found when the first 5lbs or so came off, I was sorer for a while. I put this down to a new centre of gravity. I also think that some of my fat is around my affected joints, providibg a bit of support, and as this is reducing my joints are becoming more unstable. This was why I stopped loosing weight a year or so ago. I'm waiting for it to happen again this time.


Dear Joe, the main thing to remember is you are not out their on your own there are thousand and thousands of us with varing pain, damage and weight issues. try not to focus all of your energys on looking for a surgical fix cause I hate to tell you their is'nt one. They go in and ?? fix one thing only to cause more issues etc I would question whether its just weight thats stopping them ??? Maybe their is so much to do that where to they start the, the problem is that these so called specailists just experiment if you have a many issues they get worried, outcome is usually do nothing !!!! XX


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