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herniated disk to much pain to stand let alone walk

hi there i need some advise im 33 year old single mother of twins I really on me being able to work full time as a means for me and my 8yr old's to survive but now I have this problem after getting ambos into hospital in excruciating pain I was admitted and had an mri done which showed a herniated disc. I was given loads of meds and the pain seemed to be under control I was walking ok so they sent me home the first day I got home I fell of a step but a few grazez but didn't think much of it I've since been rushed back in where they just dismissed my complaint and put me on stronger meds .I literally cannot stand without having such a bad leg pain I start crying,sweeting ,shaking and basically gasping for air until I lay back down I take lyrics,naproxen,oxycodon and Panadene fort and I still can't stand its unbearable but due to financial reason s I need to be back at work can anyone offer some advice or their experience as to when I maybe back at work the depressions kicked in and I don't know how much more I can take of this and the stress of finance as well. I know they say I need to get up n stretch but I literally can't I'm not a drama queen so when I'm screaming in pain I know there's something really bad happening . thanks guys

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I have suggested a couple of things over the years that help my back. Although at the moment the pain is horrible it is bearable.

One thing I do is to do exercises in a swimming pool. You can google this to get some ideas. Initially pain was terrible but overall it does aid my coping with the pain. Even just walking about with water chest height can help. One word of caution it is VERY easy to overdo time spent in water! Which creates more pain. Start at 10 mins and build up. I can only do 20 mins max but am swimming more than just exercises so it is helping.

Other thing is look on for a pain pen. Similar to Tens machine which I also have but better. I bought a more expensive one where I don't have to keep pressing button- not easy living alone and problem is in back! First time I used it was due to horrendous pain that meds not touching. 10 mins after using I fell asleep on the sofa!!

Neither of these suggestions are a 'cure' but help to ease the pain so I can cope with it when taking meds. Some days I even get away with NO meds.

Hope these ideas help you.


I recommend you to go and chech your condition at a chiropractor, it helped me alot


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