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Lower back. Pain for 3 Months thinking the worst all the time help!

Hi I have severe anxiety and am on citalopram 30mg and they are helping slightly but I have had lower back pain now for 3 Months, it isn't a crippling can't move pain but more or an ache . My parents say it's my bed and my weight. I am very overweight with a bmi of 35 but I struggle to believe these are the problems. I don't believe it is muscle or nerve either .I'm stood all day at work as I work in catering . I'm so scared that I have a tumour or something on my spine. I always think I have cancer with every pain I get but this has been going on a long time now. doctors don't pay attention because of my anxiety. Please can someone give me some kind f words to help me

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In the US, some counselors/psychotherapists specialize in your type of concerns. That person could help you coordinate possible mind-body connection here. And also have some empathy.

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