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What is my pain

When I wear my bra where it sits my pain comes. Sometimes it flares up in the day especially when I eat or drink a cup of tea. Just been diagnosis under active thyroid ,also taken omprozol . Waiting for scans next week so so scared. I had the camera 2 years ago took 10 biopsies could not find anything because I had the same pain which I have know. Doctor has taken blood just came back with thyroids. Please help

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Hi Peggymae-18

I suffer with crps in my left arm but When I wear my bra where it sits my pain comes just like yours !

I can not wear a bra anymore ,

I wear soft material bras with no wires in them.

Ever since I don't suffer with pain there.

Hope u find answers

Gentle hugs

Christine crps uk


Thanks for your advice I will try . I am just trying anything, also when I pass wind it's releases the pressure . When I go to aerobics it goes and try take my mind off the pain it goes ?


Could be costochonditus, inflammation of the connective tissue by the breastbone. Just a thought, as I had this last year. I also have Hashimotoes. Take a look on Thyroid UK. Wishing you all the best with your tests, hopefully they will be productive this time. X


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