Pain in hips after RF FUSION

I had RF fusion done on the 1st November in my L3/4/5/S1 and in my hips. I am 5 weeks in after my operation. I was doing really well then last Wednesday I lifted a bag off shopping and felt a pull in my lower back. Now the pain is ok in my lower back but now I am getting this terrible pain in my hips it started in my right hip and now it's coming in the left hip. Has anyone had this happen to them after 5 weeks off there operation? I would be great full for any information. I am so disappointed as I was doing really well and was nearly pain free. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me. 😢

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  • Hi Jan101 I am so sorry you are having pain again so long after your operation. I have not had this problem because they have said they can not do anything for me. I was wondering though have you been able to contact your surgeon? He may be able to offer you some help or advise as to how you should proceed. I hope you can find some relief for your hip pain.

  • Hi Grizzly7168

    Not I haven't but that is a good idea. I will give his secretory a call tomorrow.

    I hope that you are feeling as best you can be.

    Jan101 x

  • I suspect that the lifting was just too much. inflammation takes days to settle so I suggest you take activity back a lot and give things a chance to heal. Diclofenic if you are allowed.

    I am 4 months into the post op period after a SI joint fusion. I still get flare up with the smallest increase in certain muscle activity. I feel my fusion has not worked but you cleary have a direct link to the pain.

    I woukd contact your surgeon but mine was only concerned with possible infection as the reason for the pain. I hope you get better advice.


  • Hi Dee

    Thank you for your reply. I think that you are right. I have left a message with my specialist secretary and waiting on her getting back to me. I was also wondering if a steroid injection would help me to recover as well. I react really well to steroids. What do you think?

    Kind regards


  • It may be different for you but my pain consultant said he would never give me injection near the fusion site because it was too risky now that I had rods in there. apparantly there is a risk to touching a rod.

    Maybe a different story for you.


  • Thank you Dee

    Just spoke to my secretary specialist he is on leave until next week so I will see what he says. Thank you for being there for me it's much appreciated. I wish you well.

    Jan XX

  • Hi Jan,

    I had a fusion in my Right foot August 2016, Joints 1, 2 and 3. I'm not sure if the healing time is the same as feet, but I was given the guideline, but I've been told that it can take 8 to 12 months for the bones to fully heal.

    I'm taking Tramadol, neproxin for the pain. I say you should take it easy. I've learnt to ask for help wherever I can. I don't like asking...

    Do warm baths help you at all?

    Stay safe and I wish you the best..

    Take it easy :)

  • Hi metalbones16

    I had RF fusion of the nerves and they said 4 to 6 weeks and I was doing really well and was in no pain just after 4 weeks then I went shopping and picked up my bag to put it in the car and I felt my back pull so I think it's inflammation. I have been having showers as it's to hard to get in and out of the bath. I have just contacted the private doctor I see only for steroids injection and he said that he would need to see me to look at me first, but he said it may help. God I wish you well with your foot that sounds a horrendous time for your foot to heel. You take really good care. Once again thank you for your reply. XX

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