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Hermes123. It is bad enough having all these arthritis problems, then to go out last Sunday for a bit of R&R. visiting our local National Trust gardens to take photos of the trees changing colour. My grown up son was taking a photo across a lake, I was on the opposite side of the footpath so people could pass by, when a group came hurrying along! I stepped back further to let them pass ending up on my back falling down an embankment behind me, lucky I had my walking stick to help me stand up. at the time all appeared fine, the following morning I felt woozy with a loss off balance, following few days pain in my leg muscle, then early this morning woken up with terrific pain in my bone leading to my ankle. Completely fed up.

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all i can do is send you a huge big hug. so sorry to hear about all of this. good job you were prepared and had your walking stick to help you stand up. its terrible the way some people walk around these days not looking or caring where they are going, i always watch out for this and try to do their thinking for them. sometimes though they can come up behind you as happend to me the other day and i'v not got eyes in the back of my head. i get so angry. some of them are on those mobile phones not looking where they are going and im often tempted just to bang into them to wake them up. i see lots of very infirm old people out in the early morning getting their shopping as its the safest time for them i suppose and i try to look out for them on the street if i see someone old or infirm or someone with a walking stick i walk very close to them ready to protect them from those numbskulls marching around with not a thought for other people. sad to say i was probably one of them myself when i was younger. its best to go to the doctor and see if there is any damage done to your leg and ankle apart from the pain. wishing you well hermes123 send love and prayers to you.all my love. grace xoxo 🤗🤗🤗

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Hello Grace, What a kind person you are and thank you for all you kind words, at the time I was not shaken up but since I now believe it was delayed shock, as this week it's been one thing and another all down my left side. as it was on Tuesday I had to go to the Hospital for my pre-op for my hand and elbow op. on my right side at the end of November. in the New Year once the right side has settled down I then find out when my left arm will be operated on. So it good there are some caring people around like your good self. Love from

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thanks hermes. im just checking in so say i hope that your feeling a bit better and i hope that your ankle is okay as it may need bandaged. i know what you mean it never rains but it pours. for me its been one thing after another for the last 10 years. im hoping to get a rest after all the ill health and operations i'v had. all the very best. love grace xoxo 🤗✋


Hello Grace, thanks for cheeking up on me, I think I'm OK just keep putting in the muscle rub. I hope you are feeling on top of the world.

Best wishes. Hermes123.

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Oh Hermes that sounds really nasty.

I had a fall in the house end June time.Dont know what happened one minute was standing up next minute flat on my face on the floor.

I couldn't get up as I have really bad RA and OA.Hubby managed to get me up eventually but he had to slide me along the Kari ate floor in the dining room to go bottom if a sraircase and we managed to haul me upright,from there.I hurt myself at the time and the next day felt like I had been run down by. But it was up to a week later that I was still coming out in new bruising in places I didn't even knew I had.

I was developing new places for a couple of weeks after that.I mentioned it to my nurse who does blood tests for a different condition.She explained that it may have due to the fact goat I Was preferring other joints.That up to say that if my right leg was hurting I was putting more weight on my left leg and so them that one would hurt.

I would give it a day or so to sort itself out but if you have any concerns get it checked out.

You know your own body better than anyone so if you feel somethings not right then your suspicions are probably correct.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take care.




You may have a tight muscle pulling on the bone. This can cause a bit of pain. You need to locate the muscle which attaches to the bone. Try moving a fraction back and forth gently. It is a very slight movement. The aim is to get the muscle moving rather than the muscle to contract. My language skills fail me in describing how to do it. You need to investigate the subtleties of movement on the muscle attached to the bone to see if it is helpful.

Repeat the same exercise on the other leg. Here you are aiming to use the left right spinal reflexes to ease the muscle. This is a suck it and see exercise.

It may work or it may not.

Hope this helps


John, Thank you for your advise, will give it try anything is worth trying, Cheers Hermes123.


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