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Hi everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself

I'm a single mum of two teenage girls ( hormones) I went back to work and hurt my back ( child care so full on) recovered and then went again a few months later so carried on working as they told me if I didn't I would get the sack ended up in bed for a month and been in mega pain ever since that was over 6 years ago...... but new pain has arrived and my skin is so sensitive and bruise really easily....... I'm struggle every day and do take it one day at a time as I can't see beyond really, also lost most of my friends, hardly go out!! Used to do so much with the girls but just can't anymore so frustrating........ doctors don't seem to be worried as nothing they can do....... hate living like this but no choice ..... try to stay positive and put my brave mask on when I see people :0) xx

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Pain is a vicious thing! I am sick of putting my brace face on and wish i could be more positive. One thing that does make me live to the next day is my girls. I am so cranky and sensitive it's unreal! Are you on any medication this could be why your skin is sensitive, you could be anemic hence the bruising xxx


Yes on lots of medication but it's only been the last year I've started being sensitive to touch which is getting worse! Yes my girls keep me going too!! I'm glad I'm not alone feeling this way but on other hand I wouldn't wish it on anyone!! Thank you for replying x


Hello Zippy9 and welcome aboard.

Your story is so like the many we get here. People who do not understand the invisible chronic pain. Put your arm or leg in a caste and they will all know what is wrong!

Have you been lucky enough to go to pain clinic? Waiting lists now are longer than ever with GPs referring so many patients. They are good and can help you with a package of alternative therapies etc to help. It will be a much reduced package these days but much of what they use is self management.

Won't wander off on my reinforces soap box but if you want help, advice or just a rant please feel free. No one judges anyone here



Thank you that's good to know!!

Yes have been to a pain clinic but they didn't really help..... but on the waiting list to go to an out of area one to see if they can help at all...... but we will see...... what sort of self help do you mean ...... I'm up for any ideas please! Feel so useless and alone!


Well pain management is as it says...managing your pain!

Pacing is number one and probably the most important. People just don't realise how much they do do.

Accepting that your past is exactly that...past. Don't beat yourself up by reminding yourself you were once an Olympic Gold medal runner. Or tree surgeon.. Adapt what you can do to what you need to do.

Swimming is excellent. Exercises you can do daily.. Interests and distractions.

All sounds easy and so it should be..but it isn't.

Yes take pain meds if the help but don't expect stronger doses to help. They don't.

You can have a life again albeit totally different



I wish I had found this page earlier, I feel I get no sympathy or empathy from the people around me as they can't feel the pain. Some days I just wish someone would wrap their arms around me and scoop all the pain away. If I hear that you just have to stay positive one more time I will scream!!!!

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Totally agree!!


Hi i am going through the exact same thing I hurt my back at work as a care assistant banged it off a hand rail I have never experienced pain like it in my life and I have 5 kids but anyway carried on working for 6 weeks but the pain was getting much worse so I went to the doctor and she sent me down for xrays and I had fractures to my 6/7/8/9 Ribs and a Smashed vertebrae I was ill so depressed shut myself away from everyone couple of weeks later I was sent my p45. In the post with a wage slip £0 left me and my youngest daughter destitute I am still in agony most days I can't walk I'm a very active person and this is killing me went for a bone density scan last week so now I have osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis don't do things by half's x


It's crazy isn't it!!! Then u start in your head what if and all that well I do anyway!! Same re pain it's just out of this world and not even child birth is on that scale!! I've never had any x-rays but have had an MRI scan which I have bulging discs which they have said there's nothing they can do!! X


I suffered so much pain and symptoms for 16 years not able work or drive now. Told l was malingering sent to psychiatrist basically nhs been saying it's all in my head. I kept fighting n changed gp etc and for the first time l saw a rheumatologist and neurologist and all this time l have been suffering from CRPS since a car crash in 2001. Look up burning Iggy's rod or princessinthetower websites. Hardly any doctors specialists etc in this country knows about crps and they're ignorance and wrong assumptions have ruined my life. America is at the forefront of CRPS and how severe and debilitating and it affects on the whole body too. Maybe you might get some information that helps, if not.... don't give up keep pushing for help, it's ridiculous l'm living with the worst pain syndrome known to man and even when diagnosed the pain team refused to see me as they still think l have a mental disorder??? I have to laugh as CRPS is a disease of the brain and nervous system yet l never got to see a neurologist for 16 years. Told pain etc was all in my head yet they never actually checked inside me head duh!!!! Anyway, all the best. God Bless.


Oops. The website is burning nights crps.


Thank you so so much :0) I will check it out!!! Xx


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