Vitamin D Results

Vitamin D Results


I had my vitamin D level check 2 years ago, after experiencing pains and aches all over my body, and this sense of weakness in my bones. My vitamin D showed at 8 ng/ml. Which was very low, doctor prescribed me with high dosage of vitamin D and within a month i was feeling better.

2 years later i am experiencing the exact same aches & pains. So i got my vitamin D level check & the results show i have adequate vitamin D.. at 48 nmol/L. Which was quiet surprising, as i have not supplemented since then. What else could be causing general weakness around my muscles & bones :(

Thank you.

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  • I don't think that is adequate for vit d. adequate just because you are a near enough 'adequate' its like a ft4 range of one extreme to the other. but somewhere in the middle is always adequate but at the lower end of range how can that be optimal- your scraping the barrel at that level, but that is just my opinion.

  • Could be arthritis

  • I'm sorry you're feeling bad again. I can relate to the low Vitamin D levels. I dealt with it for many years, but now after years of taking Vitamin D, I have an issue with kidney stones. I often wonder why my body can't be normal! I wish you luck with your health. I'm wondering if you have had your thyroid checked?

  • Besides the vitamin D bloods, did you get your vitamin B12 and any thyroid bloods done e1296 ?

    (for up to date safe doses and levels of vitamin D which will be different to those of NHS.)

    If I went by NHS vitamin D blood levels I would still have vitamin D presenting pains and stiffness.

  • Hi, my b12 level is 684 pmol/L. Thyroid results seem to be in the lower side of the normal range.

  • Just worked out your vitamin D result on www.vitamindcouncil and my calculations make you deficient, but please double check it out yourself.

    Did you feel back to normal when you were on enough vitamin D3 before ?

    You also mention muscle weakness around muscles and bones and your Thyroid being low. Do you know your exact thyroid results ? Doctors often say your Thyroids are 'normal' when often people still have thyroid presenting symptoms and are far from 'normal'

    Idea only- If you don't already know your thyroid results ask at your Doctors for a printout of any bloods done and their ranges and pop them up on Thyroid UK here on HU to check there isn't a thyroid problem.

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