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First Post Here ... Joint Pain amongst other things - No Diagnosis, Just a List of Referrals

Hello All

Went back to the Dr yesterday after initial contact and blood tests last week.

Bloods were all ok, and have come away with referrals for:

Rheumatologist, Gastrointestinal Department, Nerve Conduction Tests, Physiotherapy and XRAYS on my Wrists, Hips and Ankles

But no diagnosis as yet.

I'm suffering (and have been for varying levels of time but minimum 3 months) with pain, stiffness and weakness in my wrists and hands, lower back and hips, and my ankles. Also suffer with Carpal Tunnel like symptoms off and on in all fingers. I have old muscular injuries to my right shoulder and mid back. On top of this I also suffer greatly with bowel problems including but not limited to pain, bleeding, mucous, frequency, urgency and never feeling finished. This overall is impacting my mood significantly- especially as a mother of 5, the youngest being 2 and 1. And I'm also a carer for my partner.

Just wondered if anyone has had similar issues and had a diagnosis - whilst I'm waiting to see all these people, I'm just feeling like my life is such a struggle and I'm exhausted, struggle to sleep due to pain and I just hate it all.

OMG. What a whinge of a post but just trying out this online discussion thing.

I've been given Co Codamol for pain relief, with the mind set of going to Tramadol for night pain relief. Dr is reluctant to give NSAIDs even with a stomach protector whilst I'm having the bowel problems I have or at least until GI have seen me.

Thanks for reading :)

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I wish you well, I too had been referred for tests many times over the past thirty five years. Thank goodness for the internet! I worked out myself that what I may have is Lyme disease, my doctor is treating me for Lyme disease now and I am feeling much better, but sometimes I get worse but not for so long. I have an appt at Liverpool Hosp of tropical diseases in Dec. I have been on doxycycline everyday since March. As Lyme is known as the great mimic of diseases maybe you have it? Best wishes in your quest.


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