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good morning all

well today I'm more uplifted. got my positive head on all can do now is onwards and upwards. partner passed driving test so he can be me more often and help me more.. I did talk to him after I was diagnosed today were not even up to 22 months and he didn't signed up for this so if it's too much tell me now and would completely understand if he wanted out. I also completely understand if he wanted too tun. but no he said this isn't about me it's about you and were in a relationship and supporting each in our relationship. omg I love him to bits and also does me. he most amazing man plus he cared for is85 mother work 6 night shifts and Saturday all day and Sundays. everyone send a little love and pray. thank you

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sending all my love and prayers. what lovely news. your truly blessed to have each other. god bless you both and your relationship. love grace xoxo


thank you. x

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