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Severe Pain and disability

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Hi, I suffer severe pain in the lower back and hips. I have arthritis in my hips but cannot be put forward for a hip operation due to my health issues. My pain is so bad that it travels down the side of my legs and feels like someone has jammed a bed of nails into my lower back and legs. My legs also become very weak and shaking making it difficult to walk. No one seems to want to help me. I have been dismissed with "lower back angina" and literally told to go away and shut up. This was by a so called professional consultant in orthopaedics. The health issues they are afraid of are 2 strokes 8 years ago and 3 heart attacks 6 months ago. I am left in severe pain and refuse to be doped by heavy pain killers. I don't know what to do now. I have 4 poodles and would love to walk them, but after only a short walk my legs give way and the pain my lower back is very bad.

Any suggests please, and does anyone else have this disability?

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Sorry to hear that you can't get any real help at the moment. I wonder if it might be a good idea to ask your GP to refer you for a mobility assessment (usually by a specially trained physiotherapist). They can look at how you are walking, and make some suggestions as to how to relieve the pain a bit, or make it safer for you to walk. I wonder if you have considered things like getting a scooter for taking the dogs out for walks and going to the shop? That way you wouldn't have to be on your feet for too long at a time. You could always try out one at your local shopmobility hire place - get them to show you how to use it until you feel confident on your own.

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Fleurtess in reply to earthwitch

Thank you for replying. I will ask my Dr to refer me to mobility assessment. As I am a pensioner I am limited for funds and would not be able to afford a mobility scooter. How would I lift it into car.

Too often elderly disabled people who need help are shoved aside, we are the people whom the government say are a drain on the NHS. This is not fair. I worked and paid my stamps now that does not count.

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deejames in reply to Fleurtess

Shop mobility offer the scooters as a free service usually at shopping centers but we have a service at my nearest small town. Have you applied for any benefits that would help towards the cost of hiring a scooter say ?

I agree with earthwitch that asking for assessment by physio is a good idea.

Are there any hydrotherapy pools nearby? I assume you drive. Who walks your dogs now ? It must be a worry.

I'd also ask for referral to Occupational Therapy. They will assess your needs and perhaps supply aids that will help you moving around the house.

If you have anyone to go with you to the GP when you ask for these referrals it will help.

Best of luck


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Fleurtess in reply to deejames

Thank you Dee I have a Dr's appointment on Wednesday. We don't have a shop mobility in Dumfries sadly. I will talk to my Dr on Wednesday. I will make notes of everything that has been said. Old age takes its toll with the brain and forget ability moves in lol

Thank you again

Have you applied for motability through disabled living?

No seeing dr tomorrow

Alertness, is there anyone who could walk your dog's for you?? There are charitiess that do voluntary work for people in poor health. Also lots poo f poo people like walking,a and might be quite happy to take one or two of your dog's along.

Sorry about the gobbledygook, I'm lying down writing this and there isn't an edit button!

I know excactly how you are feeling I am 70 years old a few health problems knee and hip and acetabular replacement spine op done years ago that went wrong now have spinal stenosis disc protruding and nerve on lower spine problem in a/f

Pain now is horrendous and as you can't walk

Docs answer to prob is they can't give me any help in the way of pain relief other than tylex which I have been taken for years because of pills I take for kidney transplant

And yes people do say get a wheelchair or scooter but when you live on own (lost hubby last year) how do you lift them

Yes they are trying to help but as usual if people can't see the pain I don't think they understand

Oh for a miracle cure lol chin up try to keep smiling and take care

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Fleurtess in reply to Rusty8

Hello Rusty, thank you. You understand exactly my position as it is very similar to your own.

Oh yes, if only for a miracle.

Stay positive and Bless you

Sounds similar to all my pains which went almost overnight once I started taking a (safe) high dose of vitamin D3 5000iu.

I even thought I'd need new hips as they were so painful and asked my Doctor to check. Dr said nothing was wrong with my hips. ??? (well something was for certain?)

If I stop taking my vit D3 my lower back pain, sciatica leg pain, sciatic leg pains, stiffness getting up out of chairs and bed in the morning etc. all come back again straight away.

85% of us are low or deficient in vitamin D3 and many do not know it, I didn't. :)

(Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin)

Google "muscle trains". See an Alexander Technique teacher. Make an appointment with a McTimony chiropractor. Join a yoga class with a yoga teacher who can comprehend your difficulties.

Google "Fascia". Fascia is the stuff medics ignored when they did their dissections when they trained. New research is showing fascia is highly important to good functioning of the body. The professional consultant in orthopaedics is likely to be highly ignorant of how muscles function in the human body. Not many people realise this.

What I suggested will not cure the problems you have. They will help reduce pain and discomfort as well as enabling you to move better.

It is advisable to speak to age concern. They may have some useful information that you may not have thought of.

Try CBD Hemp Oil (from Cannabis plant )as advertised on internet and now legal in UK. I am 81 and it has helped me. Have had arthritis in spine, hips and hands fir over 40 years and it gas helped me a lot after only taking it for two weeks.

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