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This is lengthy but I really need help. Please read.

My boyfriend as severe upper back and lower back pain. He is only 17 and we have no clue what's going on and we're not sure the doctors do either. They've ran a X-ray on his back and neck and say that he has a little bit of scoliosis in his lower back but it shouldn't cause too much pain. Other than that we have no answers. Just a few weeks ago he caught the flu and was unable to move off the couch due to excruciating pain in his back. He tried heat and ice alternated and nothing seemed to help. Although with the flu, he wasn't puking luckily. So the weekend went by and he got back to his normal self. Could walk and move around but he still had pain in his lower back that causes him to be worried. He's always had this weird pain. It started 2 years ago when he got sick with the flu and couldn't walk or even hardly get up to use the bathroom and ever since then he's had pain. Just tonight he rode up to practice as we live 40 mins away in the middle of no where and began to feel this pain which caused him to not be able to walk or even sit up. It hurt so bad he cried for most the the way home. He got home and Laid on a flat surface and began to alternate ice and heat which did no good. He sat up and bean to throw up and is now in so much pain he can barely talk. Please help!!!!!!!

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Hi katy i know how worried you must be about your poor boyfriend, he,s lucky to have you with you trying to find help bless you. Katy if i was his mum i wouldnt let this go this sounds very worrying. He needs an mri scan an to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon. To be honest if he was my son after this last episoid i would call for an ambulance at least if he got admitted things would move quicker. I really cant help in any other way but please let me know how he gets on.


he's get it right

Totally agree with Cyprus, call an ambulance, you need to be in hospital getting diagnosed properly.

Wish you well and hope for a happy outcome

Agreed need to go to hospital, this may not be orthopeadic pain. Bad pain can make you sick several organs in your body can cause back pain and sickness. Best wishes

Has he been checked for kidney stones? They can cause all the symptoms you describe.



Go to a and e you really could do with a MRI something similar happened to me, 2 of my

Discs lower back had gone, I needed emergency operation

Katy0823, get him to nearest ER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! He needs a doctor .

doctor. get it right

Sorry in my earlier reply i suggesred Kidney Stones could fit your description of your bf symptoms, but i should have added that regardless of my amateur opinions given the severity of the symptoms the next person you should be asking for an opinion is someone at the nearest A+E department and that needs to be very soon.

I would take him to your go as something is badly wrong a young lad of that age should be enjoying his life I would not leave until I get answers good luck.

Thank everyone so much. I will talk to his mom and get this straight.

He is going to try to attend physical therapy this morning if he can even get out of bed and into the car.

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