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Back pain

I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and have had surgery to remove my large bowel and full hysterectomy with removal of tubes and ovaries too.

This was in may this year. The scar has healed tremendously well but I keep getting back pain when I do too much. It is eased with rest and a hot water bottle.

I just wondered if it was muscular and would sort itself in time or if I should go see a chiropractor or somebody,

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi, that is a really major surgery you have had there. I'm pleased to hear that the scar has healed well. My mother had a full hysterectomy some years ago and was very fit and healthy prior to the op. It took her 9 months to be well enough to go back to work and she was very keen to go back. I would speak to your GP first as the pain may be due to the op you've had. They can examine you and ascertain what type of pain it is (laying on your back and moving your legs about) then they can refer you to physio if necessary (which is quicker than self-referral) you may need to build up core muscles for support or a referral elsewhere if appropriate. I have a condition that causes chronic pain and find that the various GPs I have seen to get referrals are usually in the right 'area' when they refer me on. Personally I find that if it is the type of pain that a hot water bottle will help, then original tiger balm is also a big help. I get mine from Tesco and it is about four quid a pot (as some of the stuff online is fake and the stuff from the pound shops is to weak). I hope you find the answer.


Thanks for your reply. Maybe I'm expecting too much to be fully recovered in 5 months. Iv always been a bit impatient. I saw an advert on tv for tiger balm and wondered if it would be worth a try, so thanks for that information.

Mandy, xx


You say: "I keep getting back pain when I do too much." This may be because you have damaged muscles which have still not fully healed. This can cause muscles in the back not working as well as they should. The back pain should be listened to. Stop what you are doing when you get it. Rest and then start again later.

It will worth seeing an Alexander Teacher. They can help with postural issues. You may need to learn to do things differently.

You have had a large operation. Your brain is having to compensate for missing tissue. This is a vast learning task which may take over a year to do. You also have had serious amounts of anaesthetic. It is known that with some types of anaesthetic the brain takes a long time to recover. It is the brain which is in charge of movement and you may not have fully recovered from the anaesthetic where movement control is concerned.

You are in the land of needing to investigate yourself. No medical doctor can do this for you. It will take time as to what you can do and what you cannot not.

Worth looking at meditation and mindfulness as tools for investigating yourself.

Hope I have been able to be helpful.


Talk to your doctor about this. The treatment for cancer can weaken bones, so it is possible that has something to do with it. I personally would avoid a chiropractor if there is any possibility of weakened bones or osteoporosis, as chiropractic manipulation could cause a fracture.


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