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servere constant back pain

I have had lower back pain for 23 years,prescribed pain killers have not worked,3 courses of physio with 3 different diognosies. The pain is intense,sleep is limited,movement is limited on certain movements. I have numbness on my thighs sometimes so always have to move. Shopping is a mission walking too long kills,im at my teather and dont know what else i can do.

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Could be many things, from nerve damage, disc inpingment....etc etc

First, go to GP, he may refer scans, physio etc etc

Am in a similar situation to you...

It all takes time...




As Joe says it could be many things but you have to insist that your doctor takes it seriously as if you have had it for that long it seems your doctor is not taking you seriously.

Take care and kindest regards




You urgently need to get a diagnosis of your condition and then request to see the relevent consultant - Like you I am in constant pain, with sciatica and low back pain. I know how you feel, The horrible feelings in your legs are terrible, i get the same as you,

Take care & all the best


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Hi sorry to hear about your lower back pain ,I was and still have pain.I was told it was (wear and tear)due to my nursing career ,I eventually said if something wasn't done I would be in a wheel chair within a year,he then asked me is it easier to lean forward ? when I said yes he decided I had lower spinal stenosis and had an MRI yes stenosis , seen a specialist and given,NO HOPE except strong pain killers. But at least I have a diagnosis .


Hi Priegi

Thats how my back condition came about, all the years lifting patients ( no health & safety regarding lifting in nursing homes in the 80's!) infact there were no hoists!!. Thankgod for H&S regs later on, I had a couple of injuries at work and thats my career over, ill health retired now from the NHS. I'm on lots of pain relief also spinal injections(monday I'm in hospital for my 8th episode of them) Hope that you manage to get some relief. My diagnosis is L4/5 S1, C6/7 plus bilateral brachial neuritus. You take care


Joe it may be that there is no cure I suffer from a condition called aracnoiditis their is no cure and we just have to get on with life as best we can, some of us never get a complete diagnoses as it is a very under diagnosed condition, maybe look it up and run down the symptoms and see if it ring a few bells. If it does we have a great support group and i am sure you would be welcome. I know we all want answers but sometimes their simply is no answer to our crys, keep your chin up and keep fighting one day at a time. XX



If you are not getting any help from the doctor change your doctor, if you are not getting feedback from the specialist, ask to have another specialist, If in pain it is not right in this day and age, you need too manage and control your condition, My condition is tendon and nerve damage, fair enough you cannot get rid of it fully, a little is an improvement. Ask too se a pain control clinic and have your meds checked over. No one should suffer in silence

All he very best



There is plenty you can still do if you have the funding and are able to afford to obtain help for the long term.

If you have the funding help from an Alexander Teacher of at least ten years experience would be well recommended. Will the Alexander Teacher be able to cure the condition the y may or may not. They can help you to become more aware of how you can cause you own pain and help you find ways of lessening your pain.

Alexander Technique is different tp Physiotherapy in that Alexander Technique can teach you how to move your body more effectively. Much pain can be caused by faulty muscular usage. Physiotherapy is not into understanding faulty muscular usage.

I have being using the Alexander Techniqe to help reduce my pain for the last 25 years. Other things I use is McTimoney Chiropractors and MIndfulness. Which I also find helps. I do not take pain killers for my pain problem.


I to have had this pain for YEARS. Every test has proven that I dont have any problems with my organs or spine, but pain still there and very REAL. On painkillers and patches now, still a hassle to move suddenly or bend, but I guess that is life, now.


Know your pain. Do ask for an MRI scan in case you have a slipped disc i.e. is it more painful sitting down? Is it hard when lying down to raise your leg up straight in the air above you? When you cough or sneeze is the pain in the place in the back that hurts? When kneeling do you need to crawl up furniture to get back up to stand up? All are signs of a slipped disc as is bad sciatica. Keep chasing yr GP for help.

Also try 1:1 pilates from a well qualified instructor. I've also found the Headspace meditation audio apps v helpful. You can find lots of other free ones on itunes and android apps etc.


I have been in severe constant pain for 23 years now. I started getting muscle spasms when I was 12 years old. I did break my tailbone when I was younger. I've had X-rays, MRI's, fMRI's, physical therapy, blood work, orthopedist appointments, Pain management and so much more... they still can't tell me why I'm in constant pain. I have no other choice than to work 40+ hours a week. My doctor gives me percocet when ever I ask because I will only take them when I'm at the point that I want to cry. I have a appointment on Wednesday and pretty much told the Dr that we are going to find out what is wrong NOW. The last time I got an MRI I called to get the results and they said everything looks normal. I started crying. My mother said At least they didn't find a tumor. My response was I really wished they would have because at least there would be an explaination for why I've been in pain for 23 years! I wish you luck! MAKE your Dr listen!


You do need to see your GP, then go through the routine of see Pain clinics and then consultants , have you had an MRI scan.

You need to go on a journey sadly of seeing which system will help you and then you will find something which works for you.


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