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A possible new hope

How I came across this,not sure,but I did.

There are a lot of people struggling and their are a lot of good and caring girls and geezers on here,that mean well and "Just made me feel a bit better"

As we all know,docs and so called specialists just seem to prescribe pills.

So its all good I guess and bless to everyone who`s sent messages.

Only not good thing is too many options on all different communities

eg pain concern is what its all about,could be a bit simpler.

Roger Pain,payne.

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Hello Roger

Glad you found us!

I am a little unclear what you mean by pain concern could be a bit simpler?



Theres lots of different kind of pain and just so many catergories.

communities,about,post,followers etc search payne concern.


If you want to know about a specific pain or topic - write the word in he box at the top of the page and posts etc will be listed.

Many subjects come up time and time again...usual one is Gabapentin. There are dozens of posts on it.

Each person has a different way of dealing with their own pain or situation and these can not be categorised this is why theri are so many posts.

Glad you find the forum helpful. Some of us have been here many years!





Hi there rogerrabitt333 as a almost life long suffer, now age 78. I am one so grateful finding HealthUnlocked. Pacifically posting on long term pain which I have in all joints, I have been through the mill over my life time all to little avail of relief, but in a short while reading other people's experiences, I come to the conclusion there are new things out there that you can only find out on a site like this. Every N.H.S. operate differently using different techniques, but this allows one to ask there doctor or consultant, is this suitable for me! is it something I could have done and what are the benefits to me. Don't know : don't ask = stalemate.


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