I haven't been on the site for a while. A friend offered to buy me a flight to Virginia USA so I could go and see friends and have a much needed break from being stuck at home 24/7. The other day while out here I went to a store that sells CBD oil and decided to give it a try, after much research. Wow, within 30 - 40 minutes my pain was 40% less!!!! This is the most painful relief I have experienced in years.

Has anyone else tried CBD oil?

I don't know if it is legal and available back home in England. I truly hope so.

This could really be the option to help me reduce the huge quantity of pain meds I take daily and also improve my quality of life.

Hope you are all doing well.


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  • Sorry if I sound naive but what exactly is CBD oil.



  • Oil made from cannabis with all the nasty bits taken out.

    Yes it is available in UK but not cheap


  • The THC is removed so you don't get high.

  • Didn't think many would understand THC so just called the nasty bits!


  • Ha Ha I think they may be the good bits!

  • Like a cream cake without any cream??!!


  • Cake without cream!!!!!!NO.

  • Yes,Dunkdl!

    It is my only pain relief.I have dropped all other pain medications.My problem is the expense!I also sleep much better after taking it.

  • Hi dianadoors, could I ask if you started to take the CBD oil whist still on your pain medication and then slowly reduced the dose of it? I have been given some CBD 25% hemp oil , is this the right stuff? Also I am afraid to take it in case it interacts with my current medication which is tramadol, pregablin, celebrex and nexium. Also how many drops do I take at a time? Sorry so many questions.x

  • HI,

    I have taken almost all of the ones you mentioned and felt like a zombie,I could barely cope.I just stopped my medication and went on to the CBD.I felt a difference very quickly,and it's all natural unlike the opiate based meds that doctors put me on.

    Depending on the strength and your capacity for taking it,I would take one drop in the morning and increase as you feel necessary.

    I would be very interested in your progress.Please let me know???

    Get well!

  • Thank you dianadoors I will give it a try and will let you know how I get on.x

  • Definitely expense is the biggest downside. A 90ml bottle here in Virginia is $95!! Not sure how much it will cost me when I get home to sunny England.

  • Stock up whilst you can!Prices for good CDL range from £60-200+

  • i know what you are saying im going to see if i can get some as like you im in lots of pain all the time thanks mate.

  • Does anyone know where I can get genuine CBD oil in England? Feel free to PM answers to me.

    Am in SO much pain at moment- desperate for some relief.


  • If you google it all there for you. Suppliers etc.

    It isn't illegal in this form.

    You can also buy seeds to grow. That isn't illegal either. BUT...growing them is!


  • Thank you for info. Did as you suggested and can even buy on amazon! Will get some and give it a go. Nothing to loose.

  • Is there anything Amazon don't sell??¬


  • CBD Brothers.I have found to be the best so far.Expensive but effective.Also you don't need much!

  • On amazon you can buy capsules. Think I will try those.

  • Yes you can.However the oil goes under the tongue and it effective very quickly.

  • Hopefully when I get back home to England I can get the same strength. You can also buy cbd in a cream topical form, which I will try.

    For those that have asked, there are two main components to cannabis THC which is the part that is illegal and gets you high and CBD which is legal and has major health benefits for arthritis, Ms, chronic pain and ibs etc.

    Hemp is taller form of a cannabis plant that does not flower as much. It is legal in supplement form like capsules, oil and cream.

    Within a few days it has reduced my pain by 40%.



  • I will look to see if I can get on line.I am in near agony. Just everything is pain.

  • Hello again,

    So pleased you've found something that really helps you.

    You may finally be able to get some quality of life back ,darn shame it will come at high financial price but what price on living rather than existing?

    Hope this upturn continues for you .


  • Hi Effie

    Thank you for your kind words. It really does seem to be helping my pain levels, shame it is so expensive.

    Hope you are doing well.


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