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Dvt anxiety now!

Hi again, i was starting to feel alot betyerwhen i foumd out the lump behind my knee was a bakers cyst and then put my pain down to that. But the more time goes on i think that my cyst shouldnt really hurt that much especially down my calf. Now i keep hearing all sorts about dvt and puminary embolism in the head heart and lungs and people just dying. Im starting to get anxious again about all my pains. Why do i fixate on dying so much? Im terrified of leaving my loved ones. Im scared of being told im dying and now im terrified im just gunna get a blood clot and go. Theses thoughts are all i think about. Iv not been haply now at all for going on 2 years. Im so down. I just want my life back where i didnt think like this.

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Is your leg swollen and hot?

I have recurrent dvts and have got to recognise the pain now.

The first one I had no idea what was wrong just very painful after surgery which I thought was normal. If you are at all anxious about them get them checked out either by gp,or at a & e they are not to be messed with.

I have also had a bakers cyst behind my knee.Whilst these are also uncomfortable they are nowhere near as painful as a dvt.

First port of call is your gp to alleviate your fears of a dvt and he will also confirm if you are in any danger of developing these.

I would also tell him about the deep rooted fear you have of your anxiety.

Hopefully he will be able to help you with this and help lay your mind at rest .

Take care and stay well.




I took felt my new medication formed a blood clot behind my knee.scary!!!! I stopped medicine.reclined with feet up for 3 days and prayed.knee feels better.ball/clot smaller almost gone.scaryyyy.I felt close to death a few times this and reading the BIBLe helps me fight for my life.

Carry on soldier in life.

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I had a Baker's cyst for almost three years. When I saw the ortho doc he told me I needed a knee replacement (I have osteo arthritis). I didn't have any other symptoms and had researched it on the net and that a Baker's cyst could be removed by an arthroscopy. After he had finished rolling his eyes he agreed to do that instead. The operation was very successful but it took eight months for it to go. There is some remaining inflexibility but I am so glad I had it done.

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Mine is very small should it be causing me so much pain around my knee ? Or do i have a bakers cyst because of an underlying condition with my knee?


Mine was caused by a torn meniscus. It is difficult to drain as it fills back up immediately. I used Phorpain twice a day which helped. Now called by another name, can't remember what it is.

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