Injured knee

Hey guys so I injured my knee last Saturday and I can't walk properly ever since. Basically I felt a pop in my knee during contact and I can't move my leg much afterwards, it felt numb though. Neither can I straighten nor bend my leg now and I can't put my weight on my injured knee or it would buckle. I've been limping over the weekend and I can't straighten my knee to walk properly or it will hurt. What can I do?

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  • i would definately go to the hospital as you need to get an X ray on your knee.dont leave this and keep walking on it until you know what the damage is as you may make it much worse. i suspect that even if you go to your doctor he will send you for an x ray as we cant see inside the might also take a while to get an appointment with the doctor so i would go to the accident and emergency.. i hope that your not in to much pain. try and keep the leg elevated if you can as that should stop it swelling up to much, and also helps with pain. i do hope its nothing serious. love grace xoxo.🤗

  • thank you so much!! I'll be heading to the clinic later to get it checked!! Thank you🙆🏼

  • i was just looking at your profile and see that your from Singapore. how exciting. i am just wondering if your accident prone, as you seem to be hurting yourself quite a lot. how is your toe? i hope that its better. have a good day. im in uk and the time is 2.19am so im off to bed soon. take good care now. love grace xoxo 🤗

  • seems like I've been really clumsy this year😂 Yup my toe is fine haha thank you! rest well 🙆🏼

  • easy one...HOSPITAL!

  • HMM IF IT POPED YOU HERD THEN THIS WILL PROBABLY BE THE ACL THIS IS THE MAIN CENTRALISER OF THE KNEE. Does the leg top move forward over the bottom ie movment back and to when foot is planted shoving you knee cap off. (how did you do it stairs etc) are you on any steroids (where is it sore the most.

    First and formost lye on bed elevate the leg any inflamation will move down ice using bag of peas in a rag so as not to burn you


    a poping sound will most likley be a ligament or the tendon on the knee cap rubbing

  • See the dr might have torn your ligaments I did that one took 3 months to heal

  • Thank you! What was done to help u in recovery? :o

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