L4 L5 S1 .... disc protusion .. discetomy ..... light at end of tunnel

Well saw consultant today .. waited 50 mins in agony sitting .. but havin mri done again he said from pain im going through an amount of time that it looks like discetomy ... finally getting somwere .. so put urgent on notes he said 2 weeks .. tgen ring him as soon as had mri . Then he'll rush me through for op fingers crossed just want this gone xxx

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  • Ow hope they get you sorted very soon... I saw my consultant on Friday due to persistant back problems... they think its an inflamed disk... and I had my mri on Tuesday :-) have to wait 2 weeks for results but if they have marked yours as urgent my cousin got her results the day after... that's in Staffordshire... hope they sort you soon... I have just started tramadol and paracetamal and they have been a life saver these past few days... what pain killers are you on

  • Hiya I am on slow release lodine anti inflammatory .. also tramadol .. an pregabline .. also amitriptyline at night xx

  • Gemmummyof2

  • Fingers crossed I am only on tramadol until I get my steroid injection... sorry to hear what happened to you blue0470... I will keep an eye out as didn't realise that they were addictive.... hope they get you sorted very soon trudy165 x

  • I know every ones experience is different I had epidural shots .. but I sm worse but we all knot psin is awful .. yes unstandable . Most medication is addictive but I have been on sn off tablets different ones for past 16 years I have tried everything from docs co dydramol .. co codamol .. I sometimes switch between tramadol and codydramol xx

    hugs to all feel for everyone chronic pain is awful I try to live a normal ish life an try not to let get on top of you xx

  • Once I am pain free I will be off meds xx

  • Hi trudyl65 ..I got told same thing last October...have had op..few year ago..this time worse with same has you.

    They told me there so 3 things that can go wrong with a disc I had all three on MRI report..last Oct..now nearly April..good news yesterday got 2 letters half a day in 2 week for prep day..following Monday 8am op...only thing is feel bit better now so should l go ahead with it..or leave and hope to god don't come back on full on ????..2 week ago got rushed in Hosp has having bowel props..but was OK sent home..????? Advice from someone with same prop..they told me it would be down for me soon as...months later...

  • Louise amos sorry can only read half of your vmessage when I cluck continue readin just takes me to my page x

  • I can catch what you're trying to say tho goin through all that and still pain awful you need to get all info off consultant surgeon pros an cons xx I do feel for you x

  • Hi trudyl65 think I've spoke to you before..I've same discs out has you..since 08..had op on both sides..ended up worse..all though l blame on back folk saying to go back soon as..any way fast forward started in worse pain of my life...really... last summer felt in well couldn't sit..had scan and die in..came back has same withbottom disc out..just got my hosptail app. Next Thur half day pure op..following Monday big op day...I am scared...any advice..to be onset getting bit getter has months gone on...but will say but on morpie every few hours...I had a lady come today to access me for I .l.a ..don't think she thought out wrong with me!!!! Although said did I knew all my joints are making a branding noise...so to be honest..live in a 80 year old bodie...told 7 year ago had spine of 65 year old..don't knew what to do...if they did my op when couldn't sit..pee..talk has did when I talked..down below...lady's bits..oh couldn't drive..was bad..now has 6 month has gone by..bum and leg pain is 50)50 now...advice what should l do??? What would you do..should I hope don't come back full on...you knew what waiting lists are like....any advice will really be grate full...xxx

  • Louiseamos hi I will message you tomorrow .. as just came online took meds now sleepy xxxxx hope you ok send hugs did you have disectomy

  • I having mri Thursday louiseamos x

  • Got mri Thursday thank god that was quick wait was one week from seeing consultant .. he must of marked it urgent like he said x

  • Louiseamos are you saying you had discotomy already in 08 . What are they doin about cox joint you sayin disc protruding and now havin another op but your pain is eased since last summer ... I did start 16 months ago but ease until last October .. cant walk sit stand .. last mri was aug 2012 but repeating on thurs 27th ... so know more but by my pain he reckons it's gone .. so need disectomy.. I know you're saying about your pain in all other places you sure its not fibromyliga ... or did you say arthritis .. you're young to 38 am 48 "" I would go for op if but I understand that you say after last one .. I have heard good feedbacks of discotomy .. sorry to hear that you still in so much pain xx

  • Hi trudyl65 yes stared 08 ..my back legs pain..did all sorts .but nothing helped..had operation for them 3 levels..when l woke up they said was worse then thought..had to take lot of bone out...never saw them again( spine care) pain was worse then ever.but got on with work and life...now last summer couldn't sit stand walk..sleep worse pain of my life ..really..had scan which came back really quick..doctor ..my own..said the disc above my tail bone has pushed forward?? No physio or injection will help only operation will..went to see back specialist..he said its not good..thought my womb had bust was that saw ..don't knew now I traveled was that bad to sit...same has you have said with your discs..but...but..has months has gone by it has got better...its been 6..7 month since happened..and my appment has come next Thursday have my previous op..week after my operation..what should I do???wait and see if it returned???..don't get me wrong I am on strong medication morpune..sleeping meds..feeling quite depressed.. but will have to decided.. what to do..any advice..in your exprenice ..has your pain eased off..?? These are words from my scan....L5)s1right and left L4)5 discectomies ..last scan..since last MRI there's at L5s1 there's a right laminatomy and recurrent disc extrusion and squestion oblilitering the lateral recess and compressing the s 1 nerve...haven't had pain that bad..ever..and got 3 kids xxxx my lower backs hallways sore and hips but not too bad...that can't cope..will it come back??? Should I chance it....you go Thursday...let me knew how you get on...have you had op.s..before??? What was out come?? Xxxxxxxxx god bless ...can't wait to take my sleeping meds and get in my electric blanket..didn't sleep to well..thank god for hot water bottles...oh and some go so that want to help..oh and people like you and others you help each other xx

  • Trudyl65 ..no they did say I've arthritis too.from my last MRI..I cryed when spine sepc said that..I said would it of been saw on last scans..he said that all that hasn't happened over night.??? All my joints make cracking noises....its hard..I'just want to be back too a bit of norm....your scan tomz..should be back at your go next week..hope all is not to bad for you...xxxxxi couldn't even get on MRI bed..but it was done at Newcastle and all though loud he told me ..its a good one there stronger for images... and only took 15..20 min..that was with die in too...what to do....xxxx

  • Well you poor thing you sound like you have been through the mill ... no I haven't had op before only spinal epidural block.. 4 th feb .. this is all knew to me .. having you're arthritis wont help either .. it does mess you're quality of life up I know . We try our best .. I defy the pain .. mri today but had letter through for 15th may no way I can wait consultant said as soon as get mri ring him up well secretary so waitin for phone call to bring forward .. hen do MINE 1st June . Wedding 9th aug .. but lookin at havin to postpone .. but all things waiting on this mri scan will let you know . Yes this site is great for support .. knowing your not alone .. big hugs .. keep me posted I think you need to speak with your consultant re your concerns over op but I know what you're saying worries over will it make you worse or better as you had before xx good luck

  • Hi trudyl65 thanks for your advice..and love and blessing for your wedding..xx yes I just kept ringing them .my go saw what pain l was in..I wasn't due to see no one after my MRI for 8.. week no way I was waiting..like you needed to knew..I've saw some good out comes for this problems..its the bladder..bowel thing that bothers me..ever one I looked at with props was with these discs props..before their operations..should listen to your body..I went to see a bone sepcalist but wasn't very helpful..told me didn't have this or that..but back speclist said I've it bad in back..and only have lower back scan..it hurts so bad middle back up..wrists..knees..feet..so weather its all same thing don't knew..life is on hold..kids god just want to be mum they need..I do everything I can..cook.clean..too house proud..which has knew no good with bad back..can only do our best..l am a carer atheart.. ahallways will try to be..all I've knew from young girl..had to bring my brothers up..parents were both heavey drunks...so what I knew...you knew had someone out to see if can claim anything..had my first job at 14... she said not in wheel chair don't look good...my other half has had to give work up to help with me and kids...both boys austic.. I really hope you don't get bad news with your scan..really..keep in touch..its nice to have your wedding to think of..sort off take mind off things..I am sore today.....xxxxxxx

  • Hi louise . Had mri today was rather painful he ho .. but thats norm well after 25 mins got out radiologist was lovely said I looked in a lot of pain .. I ob am . But got letter date for consultant . 15 th may .. way to long .. radiologist said to ring up consultant secretary for . Her to let him know they have done mri .. and need to be seen sooner .. so waitin phone call tomorrow let you know xx .

  • Louiseamos got call this mornin off consultants secretary .. sayin my consultant emailed them and to see me within 2 weeks .. letter in post hiw quick was that hopefully get result xx

  • Hi trudyl65..pleased for you..least the balls rolling..... I went physio today he wouldn't touch my back..explained to me this problem he's only seen in men??? And he can't tell me if it will come back?? Did say however the peace of disc that's come out is float ring somewhere in there!! Have to discuss with them next week( Thursday next) go for my previous op....he did say my back has sunk in!!!! And not to do much!! If have jobs in house..do half and half next day...its OK saying that when have a dog and family...would help if my other half would help more...he will fill dishwasher!! That's it!!! Keep me up dated...oh this physio is in charge of the rest so higher up..and did say back specailst don't operating for nothing...and will try other things first..if can..but this prop nothing else will help..only a op..xxxx PS are you managing with house work etc..

  • PS..trudyl65 ..does help when have kind radiologys.. mine was nice too...I knew they can't tell you much..mine did say hope your not working xxxxx

  • I do manage but on an off .. house work etc but find if drive csr agonising . Then to try do shopping nightmare I suffer when come home but I am aware as you are what bodys tellin me .. I just hope theres no arthritis of spine .. you suffering .. keep me posted .. its frustrating isn't it, .. I had to go daughter asemmbly at school this morning . Couldn't sit down asto painful .. so home hot watrr bbottle house can wait xxx hugs

  • Trudyl65..hot water bottles been my heaven ..for last few year,,,backs burned with it..but helps..I got a electric blanket .put on couple hours before bed..its heaven helps with leg..bum..back..really..xxxxxive been though loads bottles..summer is hard to get them so I always have 2 in house..take it easy..house work will always be there..like my 90 year old gran says..can clean all day..still same next day

  • PS trudyl65 ..I got a automatic. Car..couldn't no way pull push my legs up down...does help too...couldn't give up driving too..bad enough.?feel bad for my other half has I've gone right off sex..4..5 year since pains been bad...no good..this dam pain!!!¡!

  • I know exactly what you mean . Its not good been docs todayput me on buprenorphine patch as pain kkillers am on at moment dont touch but hopefully get letter soon ti see consultant . Is it Thursday you see someone oris it preopxx

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