Off to warmer climes!!

Just a short message to many friends on this forum before going public on FB

David and I are selling up and moving to the Canary Islands (Tenerife). Many reasons . Temperate climate will help hiss deteriorating conditions and give him  some quality. ( less powerful drugs and definitely less stress?

But one thing is certain...with the internet....friends will be friends wherever we all live. I shall still be able to post and comment here. When not relaxing outside!!

I still have much to sort out. Downsizing ? Ha Ha. So date TBA

As ever

Pat x

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  • Wowzerz Paton, what a huge decision to make! Don't be getting too much of a tan and posting a photo making us all green with envy!!

    How did you come to this decision? It sounds delightful but obviously it's for the good of both of you in one way or another! The sunshine always makes me feel better and the warmth is wonderful!

    Whilst I don't envy yours and your husband's situation, I kinda envy the lifestyle you're both going to be having out there! (I don't envy the packing & moving thing though!!)

    Good luck......


  • Having been out there many times we noticed how much David's pains and other conditions lessened. Circumstances here changed in the last few years so....after much research Tenerife it is!

    Moved many tiimes over the years - Military wife - so I'm OK with that part. Small pile to take, slightly bigger for charity shop and enormous one either for tip or bonfire! Just don't tell David!! In fact if I could put him and the dogs in kennels it would be even easier!!


  • good luck to you both

  • Thanks. We will need it on moving day - or I will!


  • Thank you for the heads up Pat. If after all the downsizing you find that you have a carryon bag empty I could carry it on for you. Good luck with the massive sort out.

    Will talk soon. Rib 

  • Always room for you my old friend!

    The hardest de clutter is David's trains. I am not allowed to go anywhere near them and at the moment he isn't well enough to do it himself. But as they say...It will be alright on the night.


  • Be fair Pat everyone knows that trains are never on time LOL


  • Very good!! But not a word to David - he doesn't need ANY excuse!

    I am turning into a nag


  • Don't worry about turning into a nag. I understand that the Spanish like horses. Although I am not certain if that includes eating them.


  • Think that's the French. Odd lot


  • May I take this opportunity to wish you both a easy move and a nice life in your new surroundings Pat. Hope all goes as you wish and can't wait to see your new home over there on the site. Good Luck and every best wish for a nicer future. xx

  • Thanks Katie. At least i don't have to say Goodbye to anyone. Found some lovely places - just have to persuade occupiers they need to move out!!

    Working on it!


  • Hi Pat,I haven't been on here in a while,but boy I wish you all the luck in the world. You both deserve it,you've not only had to cope with yours and your hubby's problems,but you've also been a great help and inspiration to others. I also love your sense of hummer.  So once your settled,let us know how your doing.

                        Love & kisses to you both.🌞😄💐 Take Care.

  • Yes have missed you not posting. Hope that's a good sign?

    We will have new challenges and memories to build but with a decent climate we can make them together. All the while avoiding the 5 million tourists who visit the island each year!



  • Best of luck for the move, hope it all goes well.  Enjoy the better weather you lucky thing.!!xx

  • Someone has to do it!! Do need a magic wand though to do all the paper work. I though that's what computers were for? Be worth it


  • Thank you everyone for your lovely messages but I will still be here just in a different place! No way are you getting rid of me!

    I did find an absolutely must have place to live. Underground water tanks, butane gas fridge, rural and rustic. David said NO. He's probably right but .....


  • You might be right - although I Iive on a far away warm island, fresh water is gathered from the roof into tanks, gas is bottled, but electricity is mains, backed up when needed by an in-house generator.  It sounds very rustic but I can assure you it is not, it is gong back to the basic way of running a house and it works with minimum fuss and efficiency.  So good luck with your move, health and stress levels, England is always there but away you will find peace from the mayhem!

  • Hi Pat I wish you both all the luck in the world, can I just ask what is the position regarding medical care it would be really good to know how it works as I thing that would be the stumbling block for any one of us on here, you never know once you are settled you might get a few knocks on the door from any of us that holiday in Tenerife!

    Good luck with the packing hopefully you have a lot of help, look after yoyrselves and look forward to hearing from you post move.

    big hugs and love to you both Sheryl xx

  • Don't worry Cheryl not gone just yet. So excited i coldn't sit on it any longer!

    Medical wise was our top priority for David. No meds meant no go. However from what I understand from my friends is that as pensioner David pays 10% of the costs. As he also has a War Pension those costs are met by the War Pensions department here.

    I don't know what the costs would be for 'working' age folk.

    As yet we don't know about the spinal block - may have to come back to Scotland twice a year for those - or mainland Spain. Or if, as we hope, he will be well enough not to need them! Acupuncture will have to be a private treatment unless they let me loose with the needles¬¬

    We have a final recce in a few weeks to sign on dotted lines and a mile long list so can let you know more then.

    We are taking our garden gate with us to make sure it will always be open for friends!

    Pat x

  • Thanks for that Pat, if I were you I would be excited too.  We went to Australia a couple of years ago and it was so good healthwise, I am sure it can only help you both, Scotland is a beautiful country but you cant beat the weather in places like tenerife, its a pity you cant swap weather and have the best of both worlds, it must be good already for you both to be on such a high.

    keep a log going on where you are up to in the process

    Big hugs and love Sheryl x

  • Good move for David and Pat. Thank goodness for the internet. I wouldn't like to think of a world where I couldn't see Page messages and words of wisdom.


  • Awe shucks - thanks Dee.


  • Wow, what a great brave descion! I daydream about it, maybe once my son has finished schooling.. Looking for somewhere sensible for summer hols this year in fear Greece and Turkey are out.

    Enjoy your new life


  • Haven't actually gone yet but friends will always be welcomed.


  • well done Pat, you and your husband deserve it. Hope the sun shines all the time for you both. As for friends you are but only a word away.

    hugs Liz x

  • Yup not getting rid of me that easily!!


  • Oh wow that's soo exciting :) You and David, on a brand new adventure (and furry friends! ) Good luck! !!! :) :) :)

  • Think I will have to get them their own paddling pool


  • Gaud Pat! We'll miss you! Lol 

    Yay for you and  David. The sun works miracles - how will you manage the medical side of things? Big hugs xx 😀☀️👯🍷😎

  • Found David has actually needed less meds  - climate, regular swimming etc but they do have an excellent Health service.  If all else fails I can have a stab at acupuncture!!

    Will let you know


  • Good luck to you both & enjoy your new home they say a change is as good as a rest so hopefully life will get a little bit easier for you both.

    Be happy & take care.

    Peggy 😂😂

  • Too many regrets if we don't give it our best shot. People do say you can get bored with sunshine! Imagine!


  • Hi pat I'm so envious, just what the docter ordered lol. I'm going there for a week in July for the first time and I can't wait. 

  • You've picked the best island. One week not long enough though!


  • Lovely news pat

    The warmer weather always makes pain a little more bearable for me.

    Good luck with your move  xx

  • If you have a few spare sailors who are looking for something to do....send them here. As fast as I clear David puts it back in the 'must keep' pile

    And it's a cold grey windy day.


  • Don't Blame the warmer weather i think everybody in chronic illness would move too a warm country not only good for your health but also for your mind and less stress of living here 

  • A wise and wonderful decision. I wish you and David the best of luck & good health. 

    Best regards,


  • Thanks Dave. He should be lots better even with the Whisky duty free!


  • Lucky you! I'm sure the warm climate will do wonders. 

  • Going to be fun finding out!!


  • Dear Pat,

    I am so delighted for you and David and do trust that you will both have a much better and pain free life out there in Tenerife. I have only been to Lanzarote but loved it there and the warmth was great.

    You are such a help to so many folk on this site, your warmth and humour despite your difficulties are so uplifting and it is obvious that you are very much a 'people' person. I haven't been on here much recently but shall be looking out for posts from you and send you my love and very best wishes for your future together.

    Much love,

    Chriswinkle xx

  • Awe thanks Chris - made me go pink!

    Think it would be so much easier to send David and the Collies on ahead and leave me the packing up. He is one of those people who can empty a skip faster than I can fill it. For someone in so much pain, can barely move -  he has a surprising turn of speed when he spots that 'priceless' scrap heading towards rubbish pile!


  • Spoon39 Hi Pat have been to my sisters and only just read your post I wish you all the luck in the world you are going to my favourite place I went three times a year before my accident  I can now fly so will be going soon as for the medical side don't worry my sister and her husband have been going for 3 months every year lovely climate .They have friends that have lived there for many years and never had problems in the hospital but I do believe you have to take an interpreter  oh and please be careful not to put David in the skip please keep in touch God bless xx

  • That's lovely. Thank you!

    Really getting excited now but a way to go still. Just got the Collies organised and can fly with us. Not in the cabin!

    You will be welcome anytime - can manage bed and food but entertainment will have to pass on!

    You watch - going to be a fabby summer here now!!


  • Hi Pat, I've not been on HU for a while, but this morning noticed on another posting by ?pippin you were moving house. What a wonderful decision maker you are. Certainly a very good idea. Never been,  But sounds great. I find it very hard letting go of items so I  can see a bit of tugging with some of those trains. Oh it all sounds just lovely, once you are settled, it will feel like you are on holiday all the time.. Good wishes for the move. Hugs

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