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Desparate. For a solution

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I am suffering from extremely severe sciatic pain. This is long lasting. I have been to pain management but was told I had to live with it. My pain is nerve pain and I undastand there is some recent research into this. I would be grateful to hear if there is information on this. Thank you.Marjorie. Title. Desparate

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i too severe back pain.siatica.i might try disease specialist.i believe mine is some kind of infection

Hi, that sounds horrible that you are not getting the medical support you need.

As I suffer badly with the same thing, I know what a difference it makes when you have the support of your medical "team"

There are so many things (including, but not restricted to, medication) that can make a huge difference in the amount of pain you feel, and your mobility.

It would be helpful to know what medication you are already on, and what you have tried. This will make it easier to give you suggestions, pointers, and support.

Regardless of specifics, first thing to do is see a different pain management team / GP.

I have had to fight a lot of times for my treatment, unfortunately sounds like you may have to as well.

Good news is, there is hope!!!!

My pain now seems to be permanent after the last 10 years. I have been told same thing. My medications make me feel either really tired or like a zombie. I would be interested if you got any answers too. I used to do Pilates which did help but can no longer do it. I feel for you as it can seem a constant battle as the doctors seem to dish out painkillers and leave you to it. I now have a lot a nerve pain in my feet which they don't seem to know what to do with either. I hope you get some answers but you certainly aren't alone in this. My only suggestion is acupuncture might help, it used to stop my spasms.

Hi what type of research ? Where did you hear of the research as I would be interested to read this .

When it comes to sciatica pain it's difficult to live with especially when its constant .

It's trying to find what works to ease the pain which is different for everyone .

If you don't mind how long have you lived with the sciatica ? Unfortunately there isn't a lot medically which can be done other than pain management.

Are you still attending the pain management clinic? You can discuss your management with them until your satisfied and once you've been , if you're discharged from them and feel you can benefit from further advice then you can re-refer yourself.

Have you ever heard of a pain management group ?

This is a group with like minded people who help support each other and discuss what helps what's doesn't help it can be very beneficial , enter painmanagement .com .

Try cloudywithachanceofpain, enter this it may help it may not .

I presume you've all tried Chiropractors / Osteopaths?

I had bad sciatica many years ago and got sorted in six sessions with a good chiropractor.

He gave me stretches to do when it returned- running down mountains was a real killer! Now I'm too old for that and my sciatica has turned into osteoarthritis and hip pain - next step is Epidural injections.

Hope you all get relief.

You sound like your at the stage I was about 14 years ago when I was in absolutely agonising sciatica. At that point I had only been diagnosed with scoliosis and spina bifida occulta with a deformed right foot. I had to battle every step of the way to try and get someone to listen to me. In the end I managed to persuade a consultant to give me an MRI scan (only by bursting into tears and begging I might add) when I spent 2 weeks in hospital after I had an infection that made my whole body completely rigid with pain. The scan showed I also had diastematomyelia, tethered and extended spinal cord with a large meningocele as well as the twisted spine and spina bifida occulta. After that I was actually believed, sent to a pain clinic and was prescribed Gabapentin for the nerve pain, Tramadol for the other pain which the clinic let me find the amount of dose that helped the most (maximum dose for both), as well as the anti-inflammatory Mobic which I already took. I have also had to add amitriptaline since then for the nerve pain.

Please keep pushing until you find someone who listens to you as you may also have some serious underlying condition. I really hope you find that help as no one should have to live in that much pain.

I take a low dose of amitriptyline for PHN, I understand it works for most nerve pains.

I have been through the medication list for nerve pain, thankfully I had an understanding doctor (not so anymore as he has left the practice :-( ) who took me through the options one at a time until I have now settled on Duloxetine, 60mgs per day. I have tried pregablin and gabapentin prior to this. Every drug affects people in different ways, both whether they work and the side effects. Pregablin for me worked but made me exhausted, I was sleeping for 15 hours a day! Gabapentin never worked, even though I titrated up to the maximum dose. Duloxetine seems to have done the trick for me. It is normally prescribed for nerve pain resulting from diabetes, but my pain is more of a sciatica. I also take oxycodone (I was on tramadol but it stopped working as these things often do over time) for degenerative disc disease and the obligatory paracetamol.

Regarding new research, I'm not aware of anything ground breaking to have come out recently I'm afraid, but if you do find something I would be really interested to hear. I don't do any specific exercises either, but I make sure I walk for at least 30 minutes every day whenever I can. This is using a stick though as I also have knee problems. There are bad days when this isn't possible, but I find that if I don't do it for an extended period it takes a long time for the pain to subside back to 'normal' levels - well my 'normal' anyway. I hope you manage to find a regime that works for you. The doctors are probably right that you will need to 'live with it', as there is unlikely to be a cure, but there are lots of options to help bring it under control so that you are able to live your life.

I'm someone who has nerve pain in legs and feet both due to back issues and surgerical issues to attempt resolve and decompress the spine. First you need to get proper X-rays and mri imaging to determine extent and nature of compassion etc. physical therapy is very helpful as well. Back issues in many cases including sciatica will resolve itself over time with proper rest and exercise. Please avoid chiropractors as they can make matters significantly worse. This was my case and many others have had issues. Of course there are those that swear by them but please understand that "cracking" and " subluxations" will not change bone arrangement and therefore not resolve underlying issues which is causing compression. Be very skeptical of their claims. Medications can help but will not address the root cause. Depending on the imaging results a treatment will be determined that is best for you. Good luck and I'm sure you will get better. Be hopeful.


It worth seeing both a McTimony chiropractor and an Alexander Teacher.

Just to note:

Serge Gracovetsky - "Is the lumbodorsal fascia necessary ?" -- Part # 1 of 3 of the conference given on October 4th 2007 at the Harvard Medical School as part of the First Fascia Research Congress - Boston MA.

Most or all consultants you have seen would not know about this research which indicates everything that many medical people learnt about muscles was wrong.

I only heard about this sort of research at the beginning of this year. There is something called muscle trains.

Google: "myofascial muscle trains".

Hope this proves helpful.

Hi. I really feel for you as I have suffered with the same thing on and off for 30 years. Up until a couple of years ago I found a stretch exercise very helpful indeed. Jack up the bottom of your bed although you can do this exercise without - helps if you have an electric bed. Lie down on your front with your trunk (just above hips) hanging off the end of your bed and allow the weight of your upper body arms and head to pull your spine straight. A couple of minutes in this position works wonders and I have had favourable feedback from others I have told about it. You may feel safer with someone there although it is not a dangerous exercise. An osteopath told me about this many years ago and it made life bearable. Also the above suggestion about going for an MRI is an excellent idea - it will give the doctors an exact picture of your problem and how to treat it. I find threatening the medical profession with a demand for a second opinion works well. Good luck.

what is causing the nerve pain? I went to a taster session of pain management today and wasn't very impressed. They said the majority of people there has nothing wrong with them anymore and need to accept the chronic pain and move on.

I suffered severe sciatica and was taking pregablin and baclofen for my back so I began taking co-codamol for the sciatica. I was housebound and unable to put my foot to the ground without shooting pain going down my left leg.

I went for a private consultation and was advised to go for an MRI Scan which I did privately too.

It was found I have two trapped nerves. In the meantime I got my GP to refer me to see the private consultant on the NHS. I just saw him on Monsay and he says I need two nerve root blockers. If that does not work then it is an operation.

It is a waiting game now! In the meantime the Sciatica is back with a vengeance, can't walk again, even using a stick.

Waiting for the phone call to say I can go for injections. Just a waiting game but at least I know what the problem is.

I have had acupuncture but it did not work.

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Are you able to lie down flat (on floor or hard bed),and raise and hold your knees to your chest, if so this usually relieves the pain somewhat, or try the suggestion of lana59 above. There is also a "Lower back stretch with Rotation" or the "Pelvic Tilt"(instructions via google), which have helped me, I also take great care over how I move so as not to trigger an attack,(though I always have a dull ache). Many years ago when I was younger I was told to hang from a door for my ciatica which has the same effect of realeasing the spine. I have had back problems since I was around 20, which have gradually gotten worse over time, I'm now 68 with Artrosis L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1, Espondilolostesis L3-L4 with Estenosis, and protrusion discal L4-L5 but only occasionally take medication as I am celiac and have autoimmune hypothyroid too which makes me oversensitive to some medicines.

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If you can get treatment to relieve the compression on the nerve, you will feel so much better. It is such a shame that we all have to fight to get treatment these days. If you have trouble sleeping, I have found that a tempur support pillow is good for making your neck sit in the correct position, whilst putting a leg raising pillow under your knees. It's the only way i seem to be able to get some relief off my back. Good luck with the injections.

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Hi Clare, thank you for your kind advice. I hope I won't need to do anything more now I have had the injections.

I am still going to take a stick and medication on our holiday to KL. we are away a month and you never know, best be prepared.


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enjoy your holiday

Hooray! I had nerve root blockers on Thursday and I am pain free! Hopefully it will last . They don't tell you anything in the hospital. To exercise or stop taking your medication etc.

Came back from hospital and booked to go to KL to see our grandchildren. I will just have to be very careful getting there. Also when I am there because I think the Sciatica came on with lifting the children - 2 & 4 years.

Thank you to everyone for you kind advice. I hope I never get sciatica like that again.


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