Picture of my garden as promised

Picture of my garden as promised

Here is a picture of some of my flowers in pots that I've done myself. It took me ages to do but I did it, I'm proud of them. My hands were sore and swollen but it was worth it. I did some weeding yesterday and I'm paying the price now. My back has locked on me so today I'm having a lazy day and pill popping just to keep the pain under control.☺☺

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  • Do what make you feel good Hun x look rally good x

  • And what a fabulous job you've done too. Well done but be careful to rest up.xxx :)

  • Beautiful

  • The garden looks lovely, am trying to imagine how thw whole thig looks. Very colourful I expect. Good job done but as you say it tends to irritate the pain so next day need a rest. I do mine like you very slowly. Well done

  • I miss gardening so much, very lovely 😸

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