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Tired of not being able to raise my arm or lift things with right arm


I am new here and have read some of the posts and found them very friendly. I have been seeing a chiropractor for 6 months now for this shoulder problem, it helps a little when he works on it , but it doesn't last for long. He suggested I see an orthopedic and said they would give me anesthesia and left my arm above my head and then keep working it around and then I would be able to use it without pain. Has anyone here had that done and did it help?

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Welcome donnas to a very friendly forum where you will get to know good peeps who will try and help you all you can but can't diagnose as we aren't docs all we can do is give you our experiences and suggest where to look next.

Firstly have you had x rays taken if not I would ask GP to send you for one. I have cervical spondylosis (form of arthritis) since 1986. I had the same problem about 10 years ago had X-rays done found to have spurs on my shoulder which is caused by arthritis so had to go in for a small op to remove them and thankfully have had no problems since.

Hope you have some success as it's not nice - you can't settle one way or another. Take care sending hugsnkisses 😘😘🤗🤗

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You may need to have an angiogram done where they numb the shoulder. Feed dye into to it and scan it to see what the problem is. All my shoulder problems s come from my neck


You need an MRI scan. What has been suggested may or may not work. If you have a tendon tear with fluid build up then no amount of working with the arm will enable it to be lifted above the head easily. You have to get rid of the fluid build up first.

Google "erythromycin anti inflammatory". I have used erythromycin for frozen shoulder with good effect. When I had a tear in an arm tendon I took erythromycin for two weeks. This return function to my arm. It did take a lot of work to better function returned to my arm after finishing the erythromycin course.

It is worth while seeing an Alexander Technique teacher for help with developing more effective muscle usage.

Hope this helps.


I haven't had the procedure you mention, but I did have a regrettable experience with a chiropractor. When I first had serious problems with my spine although she was a lovely lady and seemed to know what she was doing it turned out otherwise. In fact she made the problem worse with wrong advice etc. I am not saying that they should be avoided at all costs but I do believe you need a medical diagnosis and any necessary treatment for your problem.

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Hi Donnas,

do you have any other symptoms other than not being able to use arm. I have Thoracic Outlet syndrome which meant I slowly lost the use and sensation in my arm. It may be worth looking it up. I takes awhile to be diagnosed with it as they have to rule out other reason. I had surgery to remove an extra rib 5 years ago and it got instant relief and then just had to build up strength in it again.

Hope this helps and you get some relief soon



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