Another picture for Nedd re crochet as Art

Another picture for Nedd re crochet as Art

This is part of a commission for an installation in a garden that opens for the NGS, it was made as part of the nature trail and is now permanently installed. the body of the spider is crocheted using bronze (very weather proof) and the legs are knitted, again all made in bed. My partner did the installing for me...which he is very good at :-) There is a big web to go with it which I'll post next.

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  • Absolutely fantastic. :-) * *

  • excellent! and very realistic.

  • Just found it.

    That is fantastic. I can't believe those legs are knitted.

    You should hire yourself out as a prop maker for Disney. Truly gifted girl.

    X how big is he. X

  • Err, I reckon it's about 30ish cm wide and probably 35 long. Took ages to make though so I don't think Disney would have the patience to wait for me...I usually have never ending deadlines...hence most of what I do is for charity and friends :-) x

  • Lucky friends.


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