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Lower back pain

3-4 weeks ago, I was doing my squat exercise in the gym and my form of doing the exercise went incorrect so the pressure came on my lower back on right side. After one week the pain on lower back came till the hip on right side. I did some of the lower back exercises given on the internet but the pain is still there. Also, few days ago, while climbing up, I lifted a n object not so heavy buy medium size and I started feeling the pain same as before. I cannot sleep at night properly. Will I never be able to lift an heavy object? Please help me.

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You need to sort it out I damaged my back but ignored it and kept working away until one faithful day I woke up and could not lift my foot I now have foot drop as well as a painful back it looks like it is get to the hospital quickly I wish I had.


See a medical doctor to check you have not something serious. You need to stretch out some over contracted muscles in your back. This is the area of a masseur.

You may have developed the habit of over contracting muscle because of a previous injury. You need to wait for a few weeks so that you can avoid over contracting muscle out of habit.

Muscle is strongest at its longest length. The more the muscle contacts the weaker it gets. It is possible to get in a positive feedback loop where you need muscle power. Instead of recruiting more muscle fibres you can put more effort into contracting a few muscle fibres. Over contracted muscle is painful and needs help from other muscles or someone else to lengthen out again. Hence the need for a masseur or chiropractor.

Hope this helps.


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