I got shocked and am under workers comp and my pain seems to worsen the more I work, what could be wrong?

I have spasms in my arm and pain as well as numbness in my two fingers on my right hand. I also can't tell temperature on those two fingers. I was told to do exercises and work as normally as I can. Now its to the point where I can't move my neck normally and my neck to my hand locks up at times. Can anyone help me figure out anything about it?

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  • Hi

    I have similar pain and have prolapsed discs in my neck and back. Have you had a MRI

  • Have you tried acupuncture? Also massage would help relieve the spasms.

  • if it is the last 2 fingers, probably your ulnar nerve is affected...



  • See an Alexander Teacher and a McTimony Chiropractor.

    Doing exercises is not a good thing as it can make things worse.

    Get an MRI scan to see if there is nothing serious going on.

    MRI scans cannot detect muscle spasms but they can detect if there is reduced space between bone and nerve or whether there is inflammation with fluid build up which is applying pressure on nerve roots.

    Erythromycin can be helpful if you have inflammation there. There have been a number of trials which show the superior qualities of Erythromycin for reducing inflammation.

    Massage is useful for treating muscle spasms which are causing pressure to be applied to nerves which should not be recieving pressure.

    Hope this helps

  • What is a McTimony Chiropractor and Alexander Teacher? I didn't even know there were different kinds of Chiropractors..

    I agree, exercises can make it worse. Nice to hear someone else to agree with me! People think I'm crazy when I say it makes things worse...Cause exercising is supposed to be healthy, but definitely intensifies the pain in my experience! I haven't tried it, but my pain specialist said next time I have a back/shoulder spasm to get a tennis ball and put it against the wall and roll my back up and down against it, says will help with the spasms to help relax the knots....I don't know, might try it :-) Never know what may work unless your open to suggestions and try I suppose :-)

    What is Erythromycin? Antibiotics or something? I've tried a lot of medication trying to reduce inflammation and have little success...never heard of erythromycin though. Just sound like a antibiotic type name to me lol

  • There are as many types of Chiropractors as there are Chiropractors. Each chiropractor is different in their approach and how they work. Hence the need to sound out their previous patients to see if the chiropractor is the right one for you.

    McTimony Chiropractors rely on the sensitivity of their hands to determine if the part of the body they are feeling is right or needs an adjustment. They can work on muscle knots and micro-cramps whereas the chiropractors who really on x-rays cannot work so effectively on muscle knots and micro-cramps.

    The McTimony Chiropractor who I have has worked on leg problems, wrist problems, arm problems as well as back problems. I have been having McTimony Chiropractic treatment on the NHS since 1994.

    Erythromycin is an antibiotic. It is also a very effective inflammatory. I get my GP to prescribe it where I have the suspicion that I have a possible infection that may be causing the pain I am having at that point in time in movement. There is usually a agree to disagree with my GP on this issue. However the Erythromycin has been very effective at removing the pain and discomfort which the GP cannot disagree about. You are going to have to google for information on this point.

    Muscle control relies on prioception and the ability of the body to follow the feedback from the prioceptors. Sometimes a person can become so out of touch with their body that the prioceptors do not influence muscle movement the way that they should. The result of this out of touch is that muscles are working in a malfunctioning way and cause pain and discomfort.

    An Alexander Teacher will help you become more in touch with your body and how it works. This will help you to use your muscles the way they are designed to be used.

    Hope this helps

  • I completely understand. Weird, because you are describing my current issues to a "t"! Only thing that has helped me at all is going every week to get injections of Lidocaine (numbing agent) mixed with steroids, this provides some relief for a couple days so I can at least drive. My neck gets "stuck" and muscle relaxers seem to provide zero relief for me....I am also prescribed Neurontin and pain medication. The Neurontin is supposed to help with the hand numbness but I haven't noticed much of a difference yet. Dropping things, waking up in the middle of the night with my fingers and elbow stuck and a numbness but also a shooting pain...kind of feels similar to when out in the snow too long and your hands are freezing cold but with more intense pain. I am scheduled to see a rheumatologist the end of the month (6-30-14), so I will post and let you know what he says (if he is helpful at all- "fingers crossed"). I am sorry you are suffering, maybe we can help each other since our ailments are so similar!

  • A friend of mine has that and her's was a pinched nerve. You may want to get checked for Fibromyalgia. It can't hurt. It effects people in different ways when it's starting out. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

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