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I had my mri at the end of june and called the hospital to see what was happening and was told the specialist was in the middle of 10 wks leave . I was not amused . Then the receptionist said it would be the end of october before i could see him . I asked what would happen if he died surely some one else should stand in for some of that 10 wks its a joke i wonder if you all think the same x

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  • hi donna it can be worrying waiting for your mri result as ive had long waits for both my mri results and i would say not to worry to much as usually a doctor checks you results as they are carried out to make sure they are ok ! if they was any urgent problem your doctor would have seen you soon after the scan so try and relax and put it to the back of your mind i wish you well take care david

  • Thank you for your kind words i was more annoyed as im away for 7 wks soon so was hoping to be sorted but you are right . It does not help when work want to know what progress i have in my situation as i am not able to do my proper job .donnax

  • There will always be another person taking their place you could ask for help there.

  • Thank you for the reply no news is good news i guess and hopefully some one will chase it up along with others x

  • If it were me, I would ask for a member of their team to get in touch to discuss the content of the scan. There should be a Registrar or another Consultant covering. Even if you were told, nothing to worry about and the detail will be discussed then surely that is better than nothing?

  • They said another doctor was in tom and i said i wanted him to view it so just got to wait and see now x

  • That's good, it's just a shame that you had to chase it up in the first place.

  • I had an MRI in June last year and am still waiting to see the specialist. Apparently he had written to my GP but assumed I didn't want to see him, so left it up to GP to refer me back if there was a need. I didn't know that, so didn't ask the GP, so 13 months later I am finally back on the clinic list but don't expect to be seen much this side of Christmas. Its a bit of a joke, as my spine has deteriorated a lot in that year, so I likely need a new MRI now anyway.

  • Im sorry to hear you are being messed around out of sight out of mind hey ? I think we need to make a nuisance of our selves some times to be heard x

  • Ask your GP to get the results for you. The people who do the MRI produce the results. The consultant decides on the treatment.

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