I'm in such a state, I've had 6 operations on my spine which is classed as deformed - degenerative disc disease - arthritis & cervical myelopathy. I was awarded the enhanced pip for mobility 2 months prior at a tribunal then I had the esa atos health advisor. She states need aids & support and can not walk for more than 15 meters I walk with crutch and my carer has have had falls due to muscle and nerve damage but 0 points as I could get a self propelled wheelchair and if my house is not adapted I could find an employer to leave it with, well how would I get home? My back and leg which goes dead that's why I use crutches are so vulnerable there's no way I could push myself she said I have strong grip as my finger and thumb touched said I go GP in a car that takes 5 minutes, I have no doubt in future I will need a wheelchair but I don't want the muscles I am using to stop can it be forced?

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  • Fight , Fight & fight some more , its dreadful I am waiting to hear about my pip claim., got no nails left.

  • Tell your GP what has been said as there input often helps to change the final result. I've known this to happen to a few people so get him/her on your side.

  • You need to see your local voluntary agency which specialises in benefits law. I have been through the PIP system and did not get awarded anything until I had appeared before the PIP tribunal.

    Without the help of the local agency I would not have been able to present my case effectively.

  • there is no agency near us so have had to go it alone, we are close to one area but live in a different postal area, the nearest agency in our postal area is 30 miles away.

  • The assessor for ESA only has to consider your ability to work and how you can transport yourself around a working environment; they don't have to consider the logistics of how you get there and back as that's covered in PIP.

    As you've been awarded enhanced rate mobility in PIP they'll be assuming you either have a Motability vehicle or funds to get yourself to & from work; in essence, yes, you could leave the wheelchair at work for use as soon as you enter the working environment.

    RJC x

  • had the almost exact same results only difference I have bowel problems too, was told to sit in wheelchair and wear a nappy. currently appealing the descision with backing of my gp

  • A simple vitamin deficiency can cause spinal nerve degeneration ,numbness,weakness,inability to walk.Ask your Dr to check your serum & active vitamin B12,folate,iron,ferritin,MMA,homocysteine ,Vit d levels.Check online video "Diagnosing & Treating Vitamin B12" for facts.Sadly I saw 15drs 7 specialists to no avail.Once diagnosed with a genetic mutation MTHFR & treated with correct supplements I couldn't believe a low nerve vitamin could cause such deabilitating conditions.

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