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Hi guys,

It's a while since I've posted as I've been managing my back pain quite well of late, however I've now broken my ankle!

It's quite a nasty break that needed surgery and apparently a metal plate (?!) So they've been giving me oramorph to top up my pain relief, the directions on the bottle say to take 5mls when needed but it doest say how long to leave in between doses!!

Can anyone shed any light? I had a dose an hour ago before a foiledshower attempt and could really do with another dose now so I really need to know how long I should wait!!!!

Thanks guys!!

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  • Here is an NHS document about taking oral morphine that gives quite clear advice ouh.nhs.uk/patient-guide/le...

  • That's fantastic Earthwitch, thank you so much!!!! X

  • I use oramorph and it's six hours between. But I have been told by chemist that at least 4 hrs would be fine as you sleep at night. But only 4 dose

  • Thanks, the info Earthwitch provided states you can take an additional dose as little as 30-40 minster after a normal dose if needed and that you can take a double dose before bed - it's really informative, you should take a look if you use oramorph a lot

  • Thanks hun I will but thinking about it mine is probably different as take 100 mg of Zomorph too. But will read it thanks

  • I have found this document that earthwatch has recommended really interesting. I have been using Oramorph for a while now but not as the document recommends, so now I am going to follow these instructions and maybe I will get more pain relieve.


  • Hi Mistee,

    I know you've read all the guides etc. But they are just that...guides.

    I have had Scheuermann's Disease & Arthritis in my Thoracic spine, and Fibromyalgia for around 5 years now. So I'm on regular high strength meds including Oramorph. And I know that the guidelines state every 4 hours for every dose.

    But yes, you can take a higher dose safely...2 or 3 spoons if needed. And yes you can actually take it every single hour if you're in so much pain. Just say knickers to the guidelines if you're in a world of hurt!

    I have done the above and then some... Even though I wear a 100mcg morphine patch.

    Hope my experience and advice will help.

    Gentle hugs x

  • Hi Fatabelly,

    Thank you!! I'm trying to limit my doses at the minute utensils as I haven't got much left and really need it for last thing at night and first thing in the morning when the pain is at its worst!! I'm going to have to try and find a way to make it to a Dr's appt to get some more!!!

    Hope today is a good day for you xx

  • Thank you earth witch I found the information about oramorph very interesting. I will definitely follow the bed time information to see if it helps night time pain

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