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After my horrible experience with Tramadol I've bee prescribed double the dose of codeine oromorph if I'm not coping despite the extra codeine. Never taken it before and I am nervous. One because it seems like a further step down a road I don't want to take and two because I don't know what to expect.

So folks would you fill me in with any experiences you have.

I am a body that finds 60mg of codeine a bit stupifying so what is morphine going to do ?

To the mothers out there Happy Mothers Day though actually I don't buy into this idea of buying cards and chocolates . We should all be nice to everyone today I think

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Oh Dee I can't offer much advice apart from if you have been prescribed go with it. It will help you get through this 'bad patch.

Opiates, when correctly dosed, will only go where the pain is. Too much and you will be swinging from the belfrey, too little and you will be crawling up the wall. David had it donkeys ago and after I found him self medicating he went on to the controlled release patches.

I am with you on all the commercialism of 'Mother's Day'. It is Mothering Sunday and the fact Grannies, Aunties, the cleaning lady and all are included gets on my tits.

However it would have been my Mum's birthday and that IS special.

Pat x


I think if codeine already knocks you badly, you may well suffer the same with oromorph. I wonder if you would be better asking to see a pain specialist and asking about non-medicine ways of dealing with your pain, or other different ways. I know I didn't need anywhere near as much codeine for my back pain for around six weeks when I had a steroid +anaesthetic injection into the area that was given by a pain specialist,and there are also things like TENS, accupuncture, etc. Don't forget about things like heat and ice as well. For me heat or ice (or both alternating) can drop pain levels down a notch or two, and while it may not get rid of it completely, that can be the difference between coping and not coping.


hey Dee, I have just been prescribed oramorph for post op pain, like you it was something I was very hesitant to try but have found it a bit of a god send. I too have taken the 60mg codeine and tramadol over the years but they get less efficient the more you take. I was prescribed it for use every four hours but have only taken it when really needed, does help a bit with sleep and hasn't left me light headed. Pat is right if you feel light headed your dose is too high, I hope it helps with your pain.



Oh well . Reluctantly tried the oromorph last night as I could not stand any position and guess what ? No relief. I ended up sleepy and dopey but nearly the same pain. This is quite scary as I thought I had something for when I was just too tired to try .

This is no life I'm afraid.


Right are we on plan D or E yet?

Back to your GP or phone call. Tell what you have told us and you need something.

When David was bad recently duty doc came out and gave him pethadine. Straigh into the glutomus maximus/ Zonk. Knocked him out - relaxed all hi muscles and pain under contro again.

Duty docs used to carry peth all the time but not these days for whatever reasons.

OK? You need something NOW to relax you.



I think you should go with the prescription of your physician because he knows much better than an ordinary person and his advice has more value than the advice of an ordinary man so my suggestion is that you should follow your doctor.


I had better time with tramadol to be honest. I have not had what you are about to take. I have had buprenorphine pills, buprenorphine patches and Oxycodone.

I now use the patch, the buprenorphine pills and 400 mg tramadol. It is still

not enough. So, I just hope you can take whatever you are told to take. You

deserve to have a good quality of life. If that means pills, so be it.


Hi Jamesfromengland. You look so young to be suffering pain like that. What's your story ?

I hate Tramadol and how it alters my perception of life. My GP has a poor opinion of it too !


Severe back pain can come on ant any age. Sometimes, for no reason. I have heard that it is genetic.


No surprise. Tramadol works in another way.

Buprenorphine (subutex) oral pills are not as addictive as morphine and

you need much less of the dose. Ask about that. It will hit the pain for sure!


When we try anything knew, we will have some fear over it. The best thing to do is

know that and understand that's ok. Fear is a good thing. I suggest when trying anything new, go slow and make a note of your progress. Tramadol has actually

worked out for me. Then again, pregablin (that most people are ok with) gave me

a hard time breathing! So, we are all different. . Good luck.


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