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Hi everyone hope your all keeping good,just wondering if anyone can help me ?the last couple of months underneath my feet where we all have hard skin sharp horrible stabbing pain has been waking me in the night and it really hurts.i suffer with chronic pain syndrome of my abdomen and have now for nearly 3 years,I'm on controlled drugs for this so don't really need another pain but was just wondering if anyone has any clues that could shine some light on my new pain ,really wired .???

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  • Hi, I'm been having numbness and tingling in both feet for over a year now I'm not diabetic so rules that out and no heart problems but I do have herniated disc in my back and do believe it is coming from that because my doc just shook his head, both my feet feels like I have socks on... so I'm just thinking maybe it could be a nerve problem from your back...

  • Thanks sounds about right I'm suffering also with abdominal nerve pain and have had nerve root block on my spine for something to do with my disks some years ago ,I will mention it when I go to see my pain management team in July ,if I can stand it till then ,hope you feel ok soon ,again thanks for your info

  • it could be the drugs,they can have some crazy side effects if the brand is not what you usually get feel better x

  • Hi

    It sounds to me like it could be plantar fasciitis (just guess as I'm not medically qualified). It's not a condition I've ever had myself though I do know a few people who have and I do have a lot of pain in the soles of my feet, but for me that is down to one of the many symptoms of fibromyalgia.

    Try googling it to see if it fits with your symptoms, but here is the NHS link as a start for you.

    Then I would suggest you go to your GP and get them to have a look for you so they can diagnose properly. I guess there are several things it could be and it may be connected with your abdomen issues but you really need a GP to tell you.

    Good luck, hope you get your answer soon.


  • PF crossed my mind too, although like you I'm no doctor.

    However, I wear shoe inserts that are sold as being for PF, although I wear them for the arch support they provide (one snap and my right foot no longer had an arch 🙄).

    They aren't as intrusive as some of the orthotic soles that take up half your shoe, and cushion the heel quite well.

    Might just provide a bit of 'quick relief' so to speak. 😳

    You can buy them at any / most large pharmacies.


  • Yes, my husband has to wear orthotic soles which he gets free from the NHS. But it's still an expensive business because he's had to change quite a few of his pairs of shoes because of it and you don't get them on the NHS!

    Though Kayunderwood if it's just your heels, can you get party feet inserts for heels like you do for the ball of the foot. Not sure if that would help as it might push you weight more onto the ball of your foot. Would that help or make things worse do you think? Maybe as Ade says a full foot inner sole would be better to provide some temporary relief.


  • The ones I'm on about aren't full-foot, they are heel and arch support.

    I had custom made orthotic ones and can't wear them as they are rock hard and it makes walking very painful for me.


  • Thanks but this pain only happens when I'm resting mainly when sleeping ,it wakes me up terrible sharp tingling pain looks like another trip to my GP or could try and wait to see my pain consultant on the 22nd of July ,once again thanks x

  • When I had hard skin on my feet it hurt. When I removed the hard skin the pain went. Seek GP advice about this. I soaked the hard skin in water and cut it off.

    Hard skin traps muscle in one position and prevents it from moving.

    Not sure if my explanation is accurate or not.

  • Wow John this is very interesting to me about the 'hard skin' is it something that developed over time... I'm not liking this ageing thing ;-) seems if it's not one thing it;s another... both my feet are kinda numb like I have socks on and figured it was due to degenerated disc disease from a fractured disc in my back plus I have sciatica... blessing to you

  • Hi, is it possible you have diabetes with neuropathy?

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