Back of hand and wrist the bottom part under the palm

I have had faint pins and needles all day and now my wrist is really painful tonight I've googled it (doctors don't have appointments for you unless your free all day, elderly, on the dole or have kids so I'm looking to this) it comes up with stuff but I don't have the entire systems literally just those too. Can anyone give advice maybe ?

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  • It has to be a doctor I'm afraid. Dr Google can't possibly diagnosis the cause of your difficulty only give you a list of possibilities.


  • Yeah see the thing is the doctors where I live don't tend to deal with young people who work or don't have kids they push your appointments to unsuitable times. Emergacy doctors expect to go at extemly late at night which why people in my situation leave things get worse and then end up in hospital. The system doesn't suite the people who pay it in my opinion. But thank you for the suggestion.

  • Thanks just very difficult. Practically impossible where I live. I was wandering if anyone has had the same issue on here but seems mine is a little unique.

  • there is always the hospital that you can drop into at any time. love grace xoxoxo

  • Whoa wind your neck in - those people you mention because they are home all day as you put it - also have difficulty getting appointments to see their GP - I don't put myself as elderly 67 but I too have difficulty getting appts and don't forget that most of those elderly people have also worked and had same problem getting appts whilst they worked - so please before you let your tongue rule your heart think before you put words down in black and white 😡

    Hope you get something sorted when you do get to see your GP.

    As for the person who wrote about AandE - my hubby is on the ambulances and they take really ill people into hospital - which is why folks who really don't need to be there as it can be sorted by their GP clog the system and cause the waiting times to rise and they are the first to moan about the wait - please let common sense prevail. Cheers All.

  • What Toolie said is right, I am one of those people who you class as free all day, I don't work through health problems and I have to wait up to 2 to 3 weeks to get an appointment with my GP.

    Do you have a walk in centre near you? Those are open every day and you just pop in, you don't need an appointment. Or is there perhaps an out of hours GP service at your local hospital? I hope you can get things sorted soon.

  • Also employers are legally obliged to give you time off for a doctor's appointment. What's worth more, an hour's pay or your health?

  • Maybe where you live it's an hours pay but I would need a whole day or even a few days to even get an emergency appointment. But thanks for the comment

  • Are you in the UK?

    Without knowing where you are / your experience of GPs etc.....if you phone the GPs surgery and explain that you have a genuine reason to see a doctor (they may ask for a brief description of what it is) they really should be able to find you an appointment.

    Be assertive but not aggressive, and insist you need an appointment. If they can't offer a suitable time then ask them if you can call for a cancellation first thing in the morning.

    I've had the 'pleasure' of having to use lots of different GPs over the last 17 years, (and I was 'young' and in full-time employment at the start) - I have never not been able to make an appointment.

    They do not save them for any group of people, old, unemployed or Martian. If you need an appointment and they have one, they will give it to you.

  • Yikes, not much help here for your issue. Just lots of criticism for your opinion. Don't think that was necessary here. 😡 Good luck.

  • Have you considered you may have carpel tunnel syndrome. I have had one wrist operated on to remove the restriction causing this and expect to have the other one done soon. You must have a referral to a consultant for a decision as to what it actually is. Can't you have time of for something causing you pain that needs sorting out. It is unlikely to go away so just make time for an appointment. If you are registered with a surgery they can't refuse you but of cause it's up to you to make the effort in the interest of your own health.

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