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Getting scared

Hi all on Monday I will be having my first nerve root block in the lumbar spine. They are trying to use this as a diagnostic tool. The last epidural I had sent my back and right leg into a very painful spasms that latest over 45 mins. I was so glad my husband was there or I would have had a heck of a time getting home. So have not had much in the way of pain relief from the epidural treatments. They are trying to make sure they are treating the right nerve. I was also told that the nerve block might be the deciding factor to see if I be a good candidate for having the nerve release done.

The doctor said that I would need someone to drive me home because my legs will be numb and weak. He also wanted me to know that it is a very painful procedure because they can not sedate me as they need to know when they hit the right nerve. YIKES !!

Not sure if they do this where you live but if you have had it done could you let me know how you made out and what to expect. I know I sound like a chicken but I am just so tired of this whole thing.

You are all so awesome and I really do appreciate all of your ideas and encouragement .


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Hi Grizzly!

I had one a couple of years ago and I was scared too. However, i think your mind does you no favours trying to imagine all the horrible things that may or may not happen. in fact, the whole thing was not unpleasant or painful at all and i had great relief for a few months.

Dont get me wrong, it was a bit uncomfortable when they were finding the right nerve (I also found the "numbing" injection quite uncomfortable), more like an uncomfortable pressure sensation, but i focused on breathing in and out very slowly and steadily and counting the seconds of each breath, and it was over very quickly.

The staff will know you are probably nervous and the ones I met were kind and considerate with plenty of support. All in all it wasnt the horrific torture I had imagined and it was worth it for some relief from a pain that is altogether a lot worse than that proceedure! Worth on relaxation and distraction techniques (look online for some exercises), tell the staff how you feel, and do not try to anticipate problems before they have happened. Tell yourself you need this. Also, my legs were not numb or painful at all afterwards, and the pain relief began about three days later. There was a slight increase in sciatica for a day or so which was releived with my usual pain killers.

Good Luck! Zed x


Hi Grizzly, I can't help you as I haven't had this procedure yet. But Ive been sent to pain clinic which I have app this coming week, by kings college. I have to have this done before I can have op. All I can say is I know 2 that have had this. One said it was agony for days and the other I saw yesterday and he regularly has them and says very little discomfort. The only bad point he says is the pain relief only last for about 3 weeks.

The lady is always moaning about pain but if I said to you she rides horses??!! Get my drift. She also won high rate mobility!! So I hope you realize what I'm saying. I prefer to listen to the man.

Please let us / me know how things go

I would say the same as the other reply, praps try some breathing exercises. But I can say I'm a horror when it comes to it and will probably be as bad as you

Lots of luck to you xx

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Thankyou both for your replies will definitely be doing some relaxation breathing. Yes I would listen to the man as well. During the last couple facet and epidural injections the staff has been wonderful so I am sure it will be the same tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes.

Janice :-)

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