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My Failed See and Do appointment


I haven't been on here for about 3-4 weeks, sometimes reading posts but was getting nervous in the run up to my see and do app to have a nerve root block on L5/S1. Since mid may GP signed me off work (I work at a kids nursery), i tried several times just with 4 hr shifts but it was too much. He signed me off until end of next wk which gave me a week to see if injection worked. My partner took 2 days off work. My partner hates hospitals(Don't we all lol) I got called, he said im going for a sleep in car.The nurse asked was he not coming we won't be long. we both erupted with anger, frustration. Steve eventually calmed down had introductions. She was my specialist nurse, I was NO having the procedure that day!! She just gave me more details least I know more details, an epidural injection dye goes in, then local anesthetic then steroid. takes about 30 mins then up to 2 hrs in recovery takes about a week to work. She advised me not to do any pilates/yoga which I had asked until after injection. She said I would only have this once a one time hit unless i had prolonged success with it although she couldn't tell me what prolonged means. Shouldn't there be a minimum amount for guidelines everyone has their own opinion of what prolonged means. I then asked what if it doesn't work-stop being negative she says think positive well sorry I can't been let down all geared up for it on thurs , taking all this time to have proper treatment (8 1/2 months) everything suffering. ARGH! So thursday was the 10th week they have to treat me within 18 weeks, so potentially i have up to 8 weeks she says I can see how frustrated you are i will see what i can do. So more waiting until the letter arrives.

Im angry, partner, boss. I am so pissed off, bored being stuck at home as I can't do much. No wonder a lot of people get worse and things like these injections don't work!Least I know i probably won't be going on a short break in august but least i dont need to worry about childcare.

The pain is sooo bad some days and I'm at home not doing anything. So I will enlighten my GP on Monday and see what he says regarding more sick leave!

Sorry had to moan and groan

Diane x

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The nurse should have told the truth. Does anyone get tired of people saying have a positive attitude and then you feel worse? I am so sorry, so very sorry that you are in worse pain and that you can't leave home. It must be difficult and crying would be my only possibility.

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I've had several shots. The first one took three days to begin working and lasted 30 days. The second one lasted 14 days. The third one was ineffective. No more than 3 in a 12 month period. These were all low back.

In the neck, no real help. Best of luck to you.


I had the injection for same L5/S1 problem. This gives me really bad back pain as well as sciatica in my left leg. Took over a year for me to have from first diagnosis. Don't really know if it worked as still taking medication. Unfortunately still have to work and get by as best as possible ( working on building sites it's quite tough). I was told had to wait at least 6 months before I could consider another one but to be fair not really sure it's worth having( for me anyway). Sorry not trying to be negative just wanted to give a side to the story. My next step will be an operation I believe. Hope yours happens soon and you get the relief you need.

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Thanks, can't believe you are still able to work especially on a building site. I want to go to work but its just too painful, can hardly walk, even if i was allowed in with my crutch its still too much. Also I think is crazy that there is nothing else they can try after the injection before an operation. Don't worry about being negative, to be honest how can you think positive after what we all have to go through. Even though the nurse says your lower body looks lovely (Im only 30 yrs) and i want to keep you away from a surgeon thats her job. Although like my partner says they want to as it costs the NHS £3k. He 's got several friends who has had it although they are 20-30 years older than me.It seems as well that different nurses/hospitals say different things as you said got to wait 6 months before next one and she told me you only get it once.! Its outrageous, builds up hopes,people get depressed and get into debt a lot. !

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