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Back freezing

A new "sports medicine" doctor has suggested I get a needle, in my lower back, for bulging disc, and she told me to think it over, I stupidly did not ask "what is freezing"

I have had cortisone needles and most of the time they work,,,but not always.

I am going on a long flight and the pain at the moment is tolerable with pain killers but I am afraid to have the needle in case it does not work and makes it worse.

Could someone tell me what "freezing" is?

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They might have meant putting in a local anaesthetic (numbing stuff) into the injection. I have had injections into my back that have been a mix of local anaesthetic and something else. My doctor doesn't do them with any kind of xray guidance (just pressing around with their fingers until I squeal and then injecting there), so the results have been a bit hit or miss with me. one gave excellent results for probably 8 weeks, on lot did absolutely nothing, and the last only gave me a few days of relief. I decided that one in three wasn't good enough odds to have any more done, though I'd consider it if someone was doing it with xray guidance so I had more chance of getting it into exactly the right place.


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